Monday, October 12, 2015

Capri's Sixth Sense!

Capri has to know! She has to know that in 3 days and 8 hours her life is about to change- aka I'm getting induced then!
Bc in the past week- she has become my perfect sleeper of 2 years to a night terror.
Whether she is standing at the door screaming, "Mommy, I'm so scared of a noise!" (that one kills me) or creeping into my room at 2 AM trying to climb into my bed- she has become so difficult!
I have tried love, snuggles, raising my voice, taking away all her stuffed animals, locking her inside, sitting at her doorway reading, singing, ignoring her, walking her back to her bed over and over, bedtime stories, threats, time out, bribes, etc...... she's winning.
If she can't sense Baby Sawyer coming, my only other theory is that halloween has actually scared/scarred her! We do get into halloween here (masks, decorations, and other scary events- and maybe she's not as into it as her parents!)
As of right now, I have come to the conclusion of sitting on the other side of her doorway- sometimes the door is closed and sometimes the door is open while I read my novel until she falls asleep. She knows I'm there and I'm not actually rocking her to sleep and it takes less than five minutes so it's the best I can come up with.
Honestly, I am not super motivated to get her back on track bc she is spending Thursday night with Grandma Anderson and Friday and Saturday  night with Grandma Schroedter and I know how Grandmas are..... they break so easily and she will have them wrapped around her little finger!

All my sleep training will be out the window. So Chase will get Capri back on track at home while I'm adjusting to Sawyer next week. Next week? That sounds psycho!
Anyways blah blah blah- my point is.... (1) She seriously must know something big is coming bc she's not her normal self and is picking a really inconvenient time to get off schedule (2) At least she's not really interrupting my sleep, bc this prego body is having issues sleeping anyways! I cannot wait for this "restless leg syndrome" to disappear! Please give me my body back, Baby Soy!!

Pictures of this little nightmare!!
the bed bandit

one of those times i locked her door from the outside and she finally stopped crying..... used my phone to peak under the doorway.... she fell asleep on the ground with her blankie!

bc she didn't sleep good the ngiht before, she fell asleep during her beloved Frozen

this little stink came out one night and looked at me so sweetly and declared, "i'll sleep on the couch, mommy." and fake shut her eyes for a surprising long time. 

another night where she tried to cuddle me and distract me with her snuggles when she was supposed to be in her bed! 

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