Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hee haw Farms!

Last night, we had a great night with Grandma, Pappa, Charlotte, and Chantelle at Hee Haw Farms in Pleasant Grove! With coupons and the pony ride, it was $9 for our whole family :) plus we picked out pumpkins!
I took a lot of pictures...... so let's just post them!
glamming it up before we head out!

so many animals to pet!

it was overcast the whole night and only the 2nd night of the month, so we had the whole place to ourselves practically!

according to capri's 2 year (times two) measurement, 
she will grow up to be 5'8" or 5'9" (4 inches taller than her mamma. seems about right since i'm 4 inches taller than my mamma!) and her daddy is a giant.

corn kernel pits are always a hit!


a practice horsey ride before the real thing

we were all obsessed with this slide!
even if capri made this terrified face every time- she kept running up the hill and going again and again! and eventually by herself.
i even got into it! 
9 months pregnant and way more active with this pregnancy! 

Pappa showing off!

she was in love with riding the horsey! i haven't stopped hearing about it. 
even at 7:45 this very morning, right now, as she sees these pics. 

Taking such good care of our girls!

picking out pumpkins!

another (more bumpy) tractor ride!

rides galore!

it was an awesome evening! and we can't wait for more october fun!

family time is the best! these nights mixed with conference weekend- that's what really matters in life :) so happy to be packing it all in and filling up our family time before sleep-depriving sawyer comes!! oh so much to look back on, enjoy right now, and look forward to! 

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