Monday, October 12, 2015

Jaker's Farm and Vivint's Party!

This weekend we had a fun night at Jaker's Farm (they've been free the last couple years and this year the admission was $1- still a steal.) and then we came upon awesome tickets to Vivint's yearly party the next night. No, neither of us work for Vivint! It was incredible though and the tickets were given to Ciara and she shared the wealth. Legit carnival and roller coaster rides. Rodeo, Fireworks, Jdawgs. Carnival games. Hot air balloon rides. Elephant rides. etc. It was crazy! All free- i can only imagine how much Vivint spent on all that. I didn't get any pictures and I didn't actually do 90% of the activities but Chase and Capri had fun and I had fun watching!
And had fun wondering if that contraction was too close to my last contraction? Or if my water broke? and other fun maternity events. Still pregnant and still holding out until Friday! I need my mom!
We have more fun planned this week! Esp my mom coming in town Thursday and Cornbelly's as a big hoo-rah before my Friday's induction!
Anywho... I did take great pics at our Jaker's night. So voila!!

We went to dinner at Red Robin before and Capri was spoiled! Aunt Ciara took her on these little animal motorized bike thingies and the carousel!

Happy Fall!

The crew

This Kangaroo was a hit!

What a beautiful time of year!

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