Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My incredible Mom

Even if she didn't make it for the birth, she made it for the adjustment! Mom is such a comfort and strength to me, especially as I embrace and transition into motherhood....again. Her advice, helpfulness, and love is everything. I'm so blessed to have her and will cry if I write anymore.

I need a moment.

Ok I'm good.

She left this morning to go back to Texas, but she will be back in three weeks (when I start working again) and for the Ross reunion, Sawyer's baby blessing, and Thanksgiving. Thank you also to my Dad and Caleb, for letting her come be here and supporting me from Texas!

Chase loves the help from my mom but he worries on how I'll take it when she leaves. And with good reason. I was a lot better this time than when she left with Capri. But it still causes me anxiety and sadness! I am grateful for her help and focus on the positive. I am especially grateful for her help with Capri. I have silly guilt with Capri not having all my mommy attention anymore and I just want to make sure this transition is good for her and she gets enough attention! I love her so much and I love Sawyer so much! and all this worry and anxiety needs to be overcome with positivity, love, and prayers. It's been 7 hours without my mom so far and Chase at a dentist appointment and school for about another hour or so.

I've done well on my own. Capri is napping and Sawyer is just looking around the room like a cutie pie. I can do this. I think I can. I think I can.
I know I can.
I can.
I am.
One hour at a time until it feels normal and as easy breathing. I'll get there! I'm on my way!

So much family love

Julie brought this blanket down and said it was Chase's baby blanket. Presh. 

Just a little first bath documentation. He wasn't a fan. 

The cross stitch my mom made! Love this tradition!

And a tender mercy: 
I was putting Capri down for her nap and I was gonna leave Sawyer in the living room. 
She saw that I was leaving him behind and said, "Mommy. Bring Sawyer to lay down with me. You tickle my back and baby Soy's back."
She is gonna be just fine! and so is Sawyer! and so am I! 

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Kina Lambert-Anderson said...

You totally got this, Girl!!! You may have an incredible Mom, but don't forget you're an incredible Mom too. You watched Char, Chanz & Capri for how long all by yourself? Plus, I'm positive that Sawyer is much easier than watching my little demon baby! :) You're one of the best Moms I know, so take deep breaths and enjoy!!! <3