Saturday, October 3, 2015

Provo River Cruise

So it's now the third day of October (whenever I say that month, I feel a little nauseous! 1 week and 6 days..... yeah).
Chase and I have made an insane calendar for this month! It's his favorite holiday and i love it, too!
Taking a weekend off for the baby :) no joke! We have halloween farms and  (mostly free events) planned almost every day until October 31! Of course we aren't obligated to go to them all but they're planned! Utah is an amazing place to be in October. The best in my opinion. If we ever move away, we're gonna visit family for Halloween here rather than Christmas! That's how much it rocks!
So let the blog posts begin. Thursday, we went on the Provo River Cruise. It was for the kids but I enjoyed the ride, too! A family takes you along the Provo River on their property line- it's about a 20 minute adventure where you see over 100 Jack-o-Lanterns, pirates, other decorations, and hear fun stories along the river bank!
Capri has been a broken record telling me about boats, pumpkins, halloween, horses, cats, life jackets, and pirates for the last two days!
And with all the coupons out there, we spent $2.50 for Chase and myself each for this event!

Family fun!

always up for a photo session with mom!

and last weekend watching Women's Conference with Becca! Not so easy with distracting kiddos but still! Love this time of year for the general conference messages and spirit it brings into the home! Can't wait for today and tomorrow's messages, too!

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