Monday, October 26, 2015

Pumpkin Parade, Witches' Night Out, and baby Marian

Been relaxing a lot since my mom left- I feel as if I overdid it when she was here for the weekend. But even my "relaxing" is still full of fun. I can only relax for so long. I have issues ;) 
We went to the Riverwoods Pumpkin Parade. 
Capri was obsessed with all the princesses she saw! And asked them to dance. Adorable! 

Then the Witches' Night Out at Gardner Village. 

Ciara has some of the cutest pics with Capri!

There were thousands of witches. And a ton of cute ones! Ciara decided to take a pic with this beauty.... I swear it's a man bc Ciara is over 5'10" and this witch towers...... hahaha. 

My staple friends/ fam!

All these new family of four photos! Love!

And this morning I visited baby Marian! 
Three days older than Sawyer and so beautiful!

and a fun video of Sawyer snoring. When he's in a deep sleep, this happens! Crazy!

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