Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sawyer's Birth Story

I took this picture the morning I went into labor. I took one last belly pic.... thinking I wasn't getting induced for another 2 days! My mom was flying in the next day at 11:30 AM. 
I had big plans. My last doctor's appointment was Thursday at 9:30 AM, then pick up my mom from the airport, and have a huge outing with both sides of our family to Cornbelly's that evening...... well Sawyer had his own plans! And we all rolled with it :)

I got off work Wednesday at 6 like normal. It was my last day of work for a long while! Chase was at work until 10 so I went up to my in-laws and we had plans to make more Halloween decorations. I was stuck in traffic (point of the mountain construction is a nightmare) for about 45 minutes and I was having major road rage. My contractions were 10 minutes apart during the car ride- but I figured it was all the stress of the road work. I had been having irregular contractions for a couple weeks up to this point. And normally, if I sit down and drink water, they go away. 

So I did that when I got to my in-laws. We watched Age of Adelaide and did crafts. Well, I didn't really do crafts, but I watched Julie. 
My contractions went to 20 minutes apart for about an hour. Then all of a sudden they went to 7 minutes apart. I started getting nervous but tried to distract myself. Chase called and said work was slow so he went home early (it was about 8 PM at this point). I kept timing them and they kept getting more and more uncomfortable. I never went into labor with Capri (I was induced.) So i wasn't sure if this was labor. They just felt like really annoying period cramps that lasted for 45 seconds or so. 
Well, I was getting nervous about Chase being 30 minutes away with no car to come up to meet me and the drive back to Provo by myself. 
Julie suggested that she keep Capri, just in case I was in labor. That freaked me out bc that made it feel real. She said even if I'm not, I can get a great night sleep and pick her up on my way to get my mom from the airport in the morning. Ok, that sounded less scary. 

So I made the drive down by myself and the contractions were getting closer together and more intense but I still had hope that they could stop. 
I got home and Chase turned all the lights off and had me sit in the recliner with my feet up and drink water. For an hour, they were 3 minutes and 20 seconds apart EVERY single time. I could feel them coming. And Chase was googling like crazy. 
I started freaking out bc my mom missed her chance to have an epidural 3 out of 6 times with her children. And nothing terrified me more. I would beg for a C-section. Honestly! So they were hurting more and more and I convinced Chase to just let us go and get me checked out at Labor and Delivery. He said, "But in the movies they are always screaming when they're in labor....." and he was dead serious. I wasn't in transition or pushing yet, Judas! But i had to agree with him, they weren't killing me- just super annoying me. But I also like to think I have a high pain tolerance. 
I was so paranoid about missing my window. So we went to the hospital. 

We get to the hospital and by now it's 10 pm. There is this weird security line in front of the elevator. We are in line for about 12 minutes (aka 4 contractions) and I am getting really uncomfortable. We get to the front of the line and the security guard looked at me and said, "Labor and delivery? Oh you didn't have to wait in this line. Just go on up." 
I almost smacked him. Did he not see the huge pregnant woman breathing and groaning in line? I didn't say anything and tried not to be so self-centered. I said, "Thank you" and we went on up. 

I signed some papers and they put me in a room. They checked me and I was at a 4. They said they needed to call my doctor. 
A 4 is when they will usually admit you but they just wanted to double check. I was almost crying bc I told them I either needed meds to stop the contractions (if they were gonna send me home- which I still wanted at this point bc I was set on getting my mom here on time) or I wanted my epidural.

Kim (the most amazing nurse in the world) came back about 20 minutes later. She said I could stay, checked me, and I was at a 5. She said I was definitely staying. I once again pestered her about my epidural. She said they don't normally give you an epidural after a 7- so I was just doing the math and wondering if that would be in 40 minutes. 
The pain was BAD but as long as I knew an epidural was coming, I could handle it (even for another hour or whatever). Woman who go all natural? When they're at a 5 and know they have to get to a 10...... how? HOW? 

Chase is STOKED at this point. He keeps smiling and being giddy saying, "The baby is coming! He's actually coming now. I can't believe it!" I would be having a contraction and seeing him smile over on his chair. I would be groaning and say shortly, "CHASE! Why are you smiling? Stop smiling." and he would just respond that he was excited for the baby. And he even made me laugh (I wasn't in the most humorous mood), when he said, "Well on the bright side at least the baby's birthday will be two days farther from mine now!" Ha! That's important. Chase's birthday is next Wednesday and he didn't want to share ;) 
I had to accept the fact that my mom was going to miss the birth (unless I was in labor for over 15 hours). and that I wouldn't be going to Cornbelly's tomorrow night. We've rescheduled for next week so it's all good! 

So I got my epidural around 11:45 PM and it was a cake walk. They never hurt me like some people describe. 
The only problem was when I was leaning into Chase's chest while the anesthesiologist was taping it in place- I started having a bad contraction but the anesthesiologist kept going about his business and was patting the tape in place. I thought he was punching the crap out of my back, but I didn't say anything bc I wanted him to do his job and I didn't want to be annoying. But when he left, I asked Chase why he was hitting my back so hard and slapping the tape. Chase said he wasn't and was just lightly patting the tape down, but Chase saw my face while it was happening and thought I was going to murder the doctor. It was crazy how hard it felt when I was going through that contraction! 

My epidural is in but it's not in full effect! FWP! but I could smile for the pic :)
It became in full effect around 12:30 and they broke my water then, too. 

This pic was so interesting to me bc the blue line is measuring my contractions. And I was telling Chase since 9 PM that I would have a really brutal contraction and then a less painful one and then a brutal one and then a milder one. It was a pattern. I thought it was fun that the chart showed that! 

Chase is all smiles! 
And he's always relieved when the epidural works for sure!
We all tried to sleep around 12:30 after they broke my water. 
I could only sleep for about 30 minutes but these two knuckle heads were out for almost 2 hours. 

We had called Ciara around 10:30 when they said I was for sure staying and in labor! 
She got there around midnight! She was awesome during delivery and responsible for all the pictures. She was a big strength to me. She felt that amazing spirit when a baby enters the world and said she can't imagine someone pushing harder than I was- well, thank you! 

epidural in full swing means glamour shots apparently

and then around 1:30 I started noticing that every time I had a contraction, the baby's heart rate would drop from 150 to about 60 and then once the contraction was over, it would go back up to the normal 150. 
(i'm actually pushing in this picture and i've cropped out the horror.... but in the top right screen you can see the blue lines are my contractions and the red line above is his heart rate going nuts every time!)

A nurse came in within those first few contractions and said the same thing. She said bc my water broke and it was no longer up there, the umbilical cord couldn't float as much and was probably getting pinched during contractions. She was keeping calm but I could tell there was real danger. She got an ultra sound out and was looking. My cervix was no longer progressing. She said she was just gonna make a quick call to my doctor. I was thinking C-Section city and I was panicking. I still hadn't woken Chase yet and was just praying A LOT. For about an hour, they tried rolling me from side to side and doing other things. I woke Chase around 2:30 and i don't think he believed my panic at first until he saw all the commotion and the oxygen mask they put on me and what not. Finally, the doctor had called and told me she wanted me on all fours and see if that helped...... um.... you know I have an epidural right? Well okay then. Good thing my husband is the hulk and could help roll me over! 
So hence the next picture..... I had to stay like that..... for a long time..... because it worked! The babies heart rate was stable in this position. I was like this for almost 2 hours! 
I describe it as planking (since my legs were dead) for 2 hours! I had the shakes from about 1 AM anyways and I felt like a champion. But I knew it was worth it since the baby was doing better and I was progressing, too. I was now at a 9!
They took off the belly bands and used sticks to go up and measure contractions and the heart rate (weird.)
They also pushed a bag of fluid up to make it act like a sack of water (more weird).
Then they gave me a shot in my arm that was to stop contractions temporarily and make me shake even more (really weird.)
Basically, I was really impressed with the crew and all their efforts and concern and desire to keep me away from a C-section!
My doctor came around 4 and she monitored me from out in the hall and what not. I wasn't getting to that 10. She made me get there. On my next contraction, she did her magic and I was a 10. I'm not sure what happened- Chase tries to describe it but i can't picture her popping me to that 10. 

Now that I was at a 10 she wanted me to push. I pushed for ELEVEN minutes!! My contractions were crazy close (every 10 seconds- they commented on how that was crazy- aka THANK YOU epidural for helping me not feel them too crazy) and I was way more numb with this delivery than with Capri. And Capri was a 2 hour 40 minute pushing experience. It was hard not having feeling and knowing if you were actually pushing well, but 11 minutes- that was AMAZING to me! He arrived safe and sound. No meconium, a healthy set of lungs, and all vitals were amazing! The labor was crazier but the delivery was better! And the tearing was almost non-existent and my baby is 6 days old and I feel almost totally healed! and 20 lbs lighter- for REAL! 6 days! I've gotten on the scale three different times in the last 10 hours and it really does say i'm down 20 lbs each time! 
 20 more to go to get to my pre-baby weight. And 20 more to go to get to my wedding weight! I can do it! 

Sawyer Chase Anderson
7 lbs 11 oz & 20 inches 
(exact measurements as his giant Daddy so Chase has hopes for some height!)
October 15, 2015 5:02 AM

and I see so much of Chase when I look at little Soy bean! I can see my features, too, but more of Chase with this baby cutie pie :) 

Now these next couple pics are REALLY attractive. But i told you about my exhausting labor and i still had the shakes for a good hour after Sawyer was born, too. I popped all my blood vessels in my left shoulder. it was trippy looking. Anyways. 

Chase cutting the cord. My overwhelmed, big face. 

We thought we had a baby boy with some serious lips!! We were a little scared. But they were just really swollen. He has mine and Capri's lips but not so feminine! 

Skin to skin! with Chase helping me bc I didn't wanna drop him with the shakes!

proud Daddy with his son!
Chase and Ciara got to hold him for the first hour until I stopped shaking.

It was all over! SUCH BLISS!

All tuckered out!

He's such a good sleeper, eater, and finally passed his 3rd jaundice test yesterday so that was a relief! Thanks mom for holding him, while he was pricked and prodded!

Chase and Ciara went home to nap around 9:30 AM. 
After we watched him get his first bath and vitals checked! Those 45 minutes were so amazing. The hospital I delivered Capri at wouldn't let anyone in the room for that. 

Ciara brought Capri down in the afternoon and she finally met her baby brother! She grasped the concept pretty quickly that he was no longer in my belly and she has been so good with him. Getting him his paci, his diapers, and wanting to hold him! My mom has been spoiling Capri with so much attention this weekend. My mom left this morning, so we'll see how Capri really shines when it's just me, her, and Sawyer home most of the day.  

Her first time holding him. 

Always giving him soft kisses. 

She is such a good big sister already. And Chase has been so strong for me, helpful, loving, patient with my hormones, and obsessed with our perfect baby boy! 

Sawyer's two best caretakers!

And just cute cute cute pics!
I am nursing Sawyer and Capri is sitting next to me squealing, "Oh my gosh"
 as she sees Soy's pics. 

We went home Friday afternoon. And were out running errands Saturday! I'm telling you, this recover has been crazy great!
I may overdue it now and then, but I try to know my limits. 
I plan to do nothing today but relax. 
So many visitors and busy to-do lists were great, but now I'm ready to chill!

now I have two angels at home.
I feel overwhelmed and overblessed. 
I take hour by hour and know that I have Chase! And my mom will be back in 3 weeks. 
And Sawyer has been sleeping nights so far and waking up 2-3 times during the 9 hour period to eat. 

Everything is swell in the Anderson home and it's crazy that Sawyer is here. I love him so much already and so completely! So grateful for his safe delivery and the great adjustment it's been so far! 

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Holy cow!! What a crazy story! So many things I've never heard of happening - putting a bag of water up there, WHAT!? We will have to chat more. I loved the post, and am so glad all is well with our babies! Love you!