Wednesday, October 21, 2015


We had a lot of visitors!
They were all amazing and thoughtful. I am glad I documented most of the visits and sad for the three to four visits I spaced it on! Not pictured, but definitely visited were David and Kristi, Alison and Bryan (my trainer from my mish and her husband), Becca, and my brother Garrett! But those pictured..... voila!

Cody Pike
our cousin

Lauryn Koski!
our cousin
and not pictured: Dallin and Finn
the husband and babe

Grandma and Pappa Anderson
and the Anderson girls

Raechel Crosby
my co-worker and close friend and neighbor

Helping his girls hold Sawyer!
Chantelle and Charlotte!

Our sister-in-law
the wife of Chad
our bff

Kristi Brown
Garrett's girlfriend and Millie's mom and our s-i-l unofficially

Nathan Goins
Ciara's boyfriend missionary who returned from his mission 2 weeks ago. He left on his mission when Capri was 2 weeks old!
I can't remember why Capri is just in a diaper.

Taryn Schroedter
not pictured: Taylor. the brother.
and I'm no bitter that he calls Sawyer "it" and would never touch my belly with either pregnancy to feel the babies move. I pray he's more personal with his own children ;) hahah Capri is obsessed and loves him to death. Taryn, too. So will Sawyer!

Saturday, these two came over again for a visit. We played tag with the golf cart and bikes. Who are we? Fun though!

Heidi Alatorre
the mission companion
with her son, Landon! Capri's betrothed!

Capri and Sawyer with their Grandma Schroedter with her parents, Great- Grandpa and Grandma Ross!
Grandma and her girls! Capri and Millie. 

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