Monday, November 9, 2015

life in pics

i have had many amazing moments this week and thank heavens for camera phones to capture some of them :) 

our good friends steven and bri had a baby on the same day as us! so naturally- this is their first of many pics together for their wedding slide show!

my good friend and seminary teacher, teresa, came to visit utah and visiting with her for the morning was just what the doctor ordered! for both of us. she is such an amazing and lovely friend! she's been blessing my life since i was 7 years old! 

Chase had his medical study last week (it got cancelled early so that stunk) but i slept up at my in-laws. Capri was lucky enough to sleep in Ciara's bed..... hahahah. poor Ci! 

Capri and her scary familiarity with my phone. I always said my kids wouldn't watch movies on phones and ipads and be better than that. HA! i am eating my own words. you're the perfect parent before you become one :)

what a fun daddy and uncle

i wasn't going to advertise that i put up christmas already..... but i need to post this video so the cats out of the bag. 
this little snowman is her best friend and i constantly catch her talking, hugging, and sharing secrets with him.
and she loves to dustbust. i take pride in that.
and apparantely she cradles the dusbuster like a baby sometimes!

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