Monday, November 23, 2015


I have a lot of random pics from the last couple weeks! 
It's been crazy here at our house- with all the family in town and surprises and fun events! 

My co-worker (who covered for me while on maternity and lives downstairs) had jury duty and went to disneyland so I went back to work! It was an interesting experience. And with a 2 year-old, newborn, and winter upon us......

Sawyer is an amazing little man, but I realized I was very spoiled with Capri. Capri would lay on the floor for hours and she never needed to be comforted. I would hold her bc I wanted to, not bc she needed me to. 
With Sawyer, he is still a good baby- but he's going through a gassy stage the last couple weeks and needs to be held and burped and soothed a lot! He's still a champion at night and sleeps and eats great- but he has his moments when he's awake and it's rough! During those moments, I tend to lose my mind and feel a little crazy but it passes once he calms himself...... and what I'm saying is- I don't know how I'll handle a baby that actually has colic..... my mom laughs bc Sawyer is just a normal baby that is acting like a baby (she had two bad colic babies out of her six)- but I got too comfortable with Capri as a newborn!!!
It's especially tricky when a customer is around and he's screaming and they offer to hold him..... and I have to awkwardly decline. (Many customers are questionable here.... that's the storage unit business though!) 
Chase was at work on one testy night and I sent him a pic to show that I finally handled the craziness and life was peaceful again!

Capri loves her grandma and her grandma is so good to her! 

another day, my friend Becca and her kiddos came over........ they were being too quiet while Becca and I were chatting as I was nursing. Capri always gets into her biggest messes when I'm nursing!! But this time she had a little help! Jimmy wanted to be an artist. Capri was the canvas! It took about 24 hours (three scrubbing sessions) to clean this off. I didn't want to scrub her face raw so I had to get it off in layers!! It was hilarious! As all three of them were in time out on opposite walls, Becca and I were covering our faces and hiding our laughter!

how I handle my business and keep his stomach at ease!

a little cousin sleep over last week! 
i love the big tshirt look! reminds me of my childhood!
and of course, byu brainwashing from an early age! 

one of my favorite moments from last week- my sister and her kids surprised me! 
i kept asking my sister to come out here for thanksgiving (they are trying to sell their house in connecticut while her husband has already started a job in london- so she's alone with her kids) and my parents and brother in texas were coming up and she kept telling me weird excuses and i kept telling her- i know you'll show up here! but i let that dream die bc she was adamant about needing to stay in connecticut. 
well my mom and i were at the table working on little projects. i had just asked her if garrett was coming over and she said she hadn't talked to him today yet. i was on shift for my job and my mom went downstairs (without the doorbell ringing)  ..... then i hear multiple footsteps coming up the stairs to my apartment and i thought, "is mom letting a customer come up here?" and then i see my sister and her two kids! and my brother garrett videoing my reaction! I love being surprised and it was an awesome moment! i need to get that video from him :) 

look closely.... the aftermath of a baby latching and unlatching and getting sprayed with milk in the face. hahaha. 

i love my mom visiting and helping

these two loved talking and "playing" with sawyer while he was on his blanket. I kept having to remind them that he can't hold toys yet- but that didn't stop them from having a great time with sawyer. 

my siblings, dad, and chase went to the byu game saturday. my mom was doing laundry at taylor and taryn's house and gone for about 3 hours. 
i was on babysitting duty. it went well! but going from 2 kids to 4 is a jump! i'm glad they come one at a time for me :) 

my dad came downstairs to work with me one day as i opened the office- he was so impressed with capri. she talks on the phone, types, points at the map, replenishes locks, and loves to point at the map of units. she has been working with me since she was 2 months old! So yah :) 

a zupas run of course!

so fun having the family here! my sister went to see her in-laws (who live up in ogden) and my other fam went out to roosevelt for thanksgiving just now. the house is quieter than it has been in weeks! and i'm glad to have this time to blog! 

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