Monday, November 23, 2015

Ross TimberMoose Reunion

This last Thursday- Saturday we had a Ross family reunion at the Timbermoose lodge up near Midway! It was a great time and an amazing cabin!
16 bedrooms and 19 bathrooms. An indoor pool, hot tub, bouncy castle, reading nook, game room (ping pong, air hockey, foosball), poker and pool room, etc etc! It was insane! And we asked- it has a selling value of $9 million! 

The eating area was very restaurant-like

We have an auction every reunion and the seating was plentiful!

The room where most of our family was- had 6 queen bunk beds! 
My parents generously switched with me and Sawyer bc him feeding and crying 2-3 times in the night isn't fun for anyone! 

The pool area!

A little Texas hold 'em and Black Jack! 

bouncy castles! just my cup of tea!

My parents' suite!
Every room had incredible bathrooms en suite! Theirs had a sitting fireplace area! This cabin was insane! To fit all 70+ of us! What a fun time!

And many hands to hold Sawyer!

Mom and Dad with all their grand kiddos!

 Getting Capri to nap and to bed was always an experience! This particular night I spent over 30 minutes trying to get her to go to sleep (a lot of the temple song- her favorite! everytime we pass the temple, she screams, "Angel Moroni on top!" ) and even with her busy active day and me laying down with her.....  she wasn't having it! and the cabin was over three stories and was so big that you can't just leave her to cry in the room bc she gets lost and can't find her way out..... i tried again an hour later
so she was being silly and knew that she got away with no bed time and acted like this

she loves her girl cousins! and they loved the snow! they played their hearts out the whole reunion!

it was a reunion for the books and we loved it!

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