Monday, November 23, 2015

Sawyer's Newborns

This little soy bean had his newborn pics taken almost two weeks ago now!
My friend, Kaley, took them and I am in love! Not to mention, she did it for pro bono! 
She is talented and the moments captured are perfect!
Chase was sick and I didn't want to fight that battle- so he's not in them! But we'll take family pics in the next couple months. 

This one I have ordered in big canvas to match Capri's newborn pic.
We spent the most time on this pic trying to get it as similar to Capri's newborn pic as possible. I love the way they turned out!
I zoomed in and made them uniform! 

Okay back to Sawyer.....

I love how she's "shhh"ing him.
She's such a great big sister. Really helpful and he loves to look at her!

These last two are pretty funny to me! and true baby pic keepers!

I can't figure out if he looks like either one of us more than the other. He has a lot of my features (mouth, ears, feet) but he resonates Chase to me (and my brother Grant actually!) 
He is his own person I guess ;) and I can't wait for these next couple months when they change and grow so much!

A new baby in the family is like nothing else! He is just napping next to me right now, and it's such a great feeling. 

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