Sunday, November 1, 2015

wrapping up october!

we celebrated our beloved chase's bday in our home. the big 26! chase demanded we relax all day and go with the flow. hard for me but i obliged! 

smiling and then napping. 
my life. 

not to be left out

birthday boy

can't stop taking pics!!! cutie and a bit cross-eyed. 

every time sawyer does tummy time- capri must join

we went to cornbelly's last monday.... the only two pics i have. 
the grandkids on haystacks and capri falling asleep on the way home holding taryn's hand. 

julie had a halloween party thursday night and her and chase had to run to the store. i had all five grandkiddos. it was a task!

i basically spent my time protecting sawyer from preston, chantelle, and capri. 

one hiccup during my babysitting session: my own child, capri, got into a bottle of peppermint oil. EVERYWHERE. clothes, hands, hair, face. 
which led to a lot of rubbing of the eyes. and then me squirting straight up soap in her eyes and getting her in the bath and luckily, chase and julie got home right then and it was a catastrophe. 

these adorable pics are from after the party! 
the food and company and games were fabulous at this party!
such a blast. 

there first bath together!

playing with the new snapchat effects

told chase to send me a sweet text when he went into capri's room to go to bed.  
hahahaha.... smart aleck. funny stuff. sweetheart.

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