Friday, December 11, 2015

december happenings

this little man is growing up! smiling and contemplating life already! 

this was 7 in the morning but i tried to force him to keep sleeping!
 it was a long night and i was super tired. 
i finally decided to just unwrap him and let him stay awake- so glad i did bc he is the cutest! and i videoed some :)

at our ward christmas party, chase got talked into being santa and it was amazing! i couldn't stop laughing! and capri actually smiled bc i showed her it was daddy just helping santa out this year!

these two sweeties took the nieces to the festival of trees all day while i worked! capri loved it and talked about it for days! they got their nails painted, made ornaments, had delicious treats, and saw their favorite characters on trees! 

i still have never been to this utah christmas tradition but need to get on that next year! what angels!

so i apologize for her scandalous attire. but this is what our weekend looked like as we potty trained. she had two accidents the first day (mainly bc she had to learn what it felt like to pee down her leg.... cute..... and then she ran to the bathroom the next time and wasn't quick enough!) and it's been smooth sailing ever since! she's amazing!

she kills me!

she loves him! and it's amazing to see him smile when she sings and talks with him! 

went to see the lights with the fam! not many pics bc it was sprinkling but it was still gorgeous! and we made it a quick trip. then onto leatherby's. 

and then a couple days later i was working on chase's christmas present (TBA!- chase won't let me spend money on him this year so i got creative! my most creative yet perhaps :)!!!! ) and i was able to snap these pics, too!

a brick oven date with these three, chase, ciara, and sawyer!
family time and christmas time and the savior's birth make for a great time of year!

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