Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Holiday cheer

just decorating Christmas cookies. 
all the other cookies were normal Christmas shapes.
dropping these cookies off with a ding dong and dash approach was a fail at each house except for one.
esp when two cars pulled up at the first house as i was on the porch......
my friend looked so happy to see me from in her car and waved and i just covered my face and ran away. 
but we still had fun!

bad lighting. 
even worse game. 
but almost good ending.
byu vs. utah game. 
if only we could redo those first 8 minutes!
chase is happy though bc his team won..... so he got a metal detector. 
he was out and about searching for treasures this morning! haha

the girls stayed true! and excited!
this was before the game even started- but the team didn't feel their energy!

chantelle being cute with soy boy!

hot tub selfie stick!

other anderson members were jealous they weren't in the photo. 
ciara accommodated everyone!

3 days till Christmas!!! We're excited over here!

Capri got to have a sleep over at Grandma and Pappa's with just her and her cousins, Charlotte and Chantelle! She was in heaven! 
Dinner, a ride on the mall train, ice cream, and feeding Pappa's chickens! 
She chatted about it the whole next day! 
Lucky granddaughter!

a fun game night last weekend! 
brian, garrett, raechel, remy, clark, ashley, kristy, david, and cody!
i didn't remember in time to take a pic with the whole crew- but here's half of us!
now add ali, chase, ciara, peyton, nichole, john, chelsea, and hyrum!

i love this time of year-especially as my babies (well just capri) are getting older and 
understanding the true meaning of christmas of jesus's birth and giving 
and also getting excited for santa :)

it's been a great season and i'm looking forward to the rest of the week! 

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