Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Merry Christmas!

My favorite gift of 2015! This little addition to our family! 
He's perfect! Those cheeks! Those lips! The most kissable!

We had our family Christmas a day early, bc we were going up to our in-laws for three days straight and didn't want to transfer and get lost in the madness! 
Capri is a lucky girl and a grateful little girl. So blessed to see her grow and become so beautiful on the inside and out! 
She's learning the story of baby Jesus.  She loves to play with her magnet manger scene and my breakable manger scene when I'm not looking. We started the tradition to help her give away some of her toys for other little children. Trying to make sure to teach her the real meaning of Christmas and the importance of giving.

This little princess! She wears these dress-up shoes at the most inconvenient times but it's adorable! She insists on walking down the stairs in them- DANGER! 

My prized present from Chase. I have been loving the spirit of music filling our home. I have the simplified hymns and simplified primary songs. Perfection! I'm rusty, but it's still music to my ears! I forgot how much I love playing the piano and developing that talent. It feels good to do something for myself. 

Chase actually did receive a few small presents under the tree from me plus his metal detector! And this charming video ;)

Chase's cheeky card to me. I love it!

 On the 23rd we went to Seven Peak's new winter attraction- North Pole! The slide was so fun! We didn't want to wait in line (for almost 2 hours) for the lazy river boat ride or train ride. But we rode the slide a couple times, saw santa, rode a different train, and got hot chocolate and crafts!
Chase and I with our two children, Capri and Kina!

Capri actually handled this Santa quite well! An actual smile!

Then Christmas Eve we went to Chase's grandparents in Foothills and had the best time! As usual!

The grandkiddos in Grandma Julie's outfits. Sawyer was nursing so his polar bear onesie is missing. 

They love each other!

I love Capri in the left- she's quite dramatic! And moody!! She can change on a dime!

In Great-Grandma Sheryl's homemade jammies!!
Sawyer's top was a little snug (he's growing like a weed) and Capri's grip didn't make him more comfortable! Haha!

The single grandkids and all of the great-grandkids.

Also, later in the evening- Santa came to visit all the grand-kids and my niece, Millie. 
Dave and Julie set it up so that he passed by their windows as they were watching and he snuck presents under the trees and the kids freaked out! The kids were grinning and bouncing off the walls. And Capri freaked out in the way that she bawled and said, "Santa is going to get me! Santa scares me!" over and over hahahah. She's not a fan of mascots and disguised type costumes. I was dying of laughter. I eventually convinced her I saw Santa get in his sleigh and his reindeer flew off into the sky to deliver presents to other little kids. That calmed her and then she was just excited for her presents. 
My niece Millie lives less than a mile from my in-laws and she was on her couch sleeping and trying to "catch" Santa when Dave came in and put her presents under her tree. They made eye contact and Dave high tailed it out of there. I loved hearing Kristi tell the tale to me via text as I was in the car waiting for Dave to come back. Millie was in kid heaven all night as she told the tale of her seeing Santa. 
Also in the morning, Charlotte told me quite an elaborate story of seeing Santa, his reindeer, his sleigh, him flying, etc. She saw quite the sight! She even said she heard a "clatter!" 
Kids kill me! The materialistic side of Christmas can be a hoot with kiddos. 

Christmas morning we were able to skype Elder Schroedter in Madagascar! It was awesome! I can't believe he comes home in 6 months!
His mission mom has an instagram account that I follow and I'm obsessed. This is him Christmas morning in the mission home! 

I woke up Christmas morning and Ciara was hard at work dolling Capri up! Classic! Beautiful! 
and red lipstick everywhere!

Now Capri has 3 Olafs! 

My mother-in-law pulled off the greatest surprise and greatest gift ever!!!!

Christmas morning!!

Sawyer wasn't sure about all the hullabaloo! :'D

Later after a delicious breakfast, we went sledding (aka tied sleds to the razor and four-wheeler!) What a beautiful white Christmas we had this year! 

 And the next day was Julie's side of the family's annual Christmas party hosted by the wonderful Julie! Games, great food, white elephant, and fun people!!

What a great time of year! The real spirit of Christmas has been abound in our homes and hearts! It's not as easy to photograph but the real importance of Christmas!
I loved every second of my Christmas with my Andersons and all the holiday fun!
Already looking forward to Christmas with the Schroedter next year and Elder Schroedter back from Africa! 

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