Thursday, December 3, 2015

the ER and Thanksgiving week

these past couple weeks were a little too memorable. and what i mean is that they have scarred me. they are partially memorable bc my sister and her kids were in town (that part is awesome). 

but not the part where my whole household became deathly ill (actually chase did not -which is good bc sometimes sick husbands are as tasking as sick babies!) but me and the kiddos were not doing well. Especially little Sawyer and it was absolutely heartbreaking! 
We had to take him to the ER bc his temperature was 102.4 and not breaking! Even with Tylenol it only went down to 101.6. So they had to do a nasal swab, IV with fluids, and catheter. It was just your common cold but it affected him horribly and got into his lungs. His young age was the main factor (and he hasn't had enough vaccinations yet!) 
The IV fluids broke his fever (his appetite had been way down aka dehydration) and the nebulizer has been helping but his lungs and cough are still scary! That will take time to heal I suppose. Capri honesty did not get sick hardly at all her first year of life and I NEVER had to take her to the hospital. The doctor asked me if I was a first time mom.... I guess I was handling the stress well. Hahaha. 
But really! It has taught me a severe lesson- those first 3 months (until March if it's this time of year) I am going to be way more careful with my outings, church, playdates, etc! I am feeling so emotional just remembering our night in the ER! Thank goodness everyone is on the mend and all is well! 

A big thanks to Ciara for coming with me to urgent care with two screaming children (Capri was given medicine and antibiotics for her earaches) and then Ci took Capri home and helped her all night. 

And another huge shout out to Taylor for meeting me at the ER (biked uphill in a blizzard and walked into the ER looking like a terrorist with his scarf wrapped around his whole face! I could have picked him up! But he never lets on when he needs help or is going to bike/walk in freezing weather in basketball shorts.... classic Taylor) and staying until Chase could get off work and then helped with giving Sawyer a blessing! 

And a big big thanks to my sister for taking care of us for weeks! 

And one of the best acts of service was my in-laws inviting us up all day Sunday and I slept all day! which helped me heal bc taking care of Capri and Sawyer while I was sick was brutal! I hadn't been that sick in probably 5 years!  

I could write about the week of death for pages but that's enough! I am grateful for our health, the power of prayer, modern medicine, priesthood blessings, mother's intuition, medical insurance, and the love of family! 

Now onto a more positive post with pics.

My little BYU fan in the making!

These came in the mail! Obsessed!

Thanksgiving day at Chase's grandma's house! 
Delicious food and even better company!
A lot to be grateful for! Always!

I'm not a huge fan of this photo but I'm a huge fan of everyone else in it! 
Some of the Anderson crew!

the nieces and nephew being spoiled by Aunt Taryn and Uncle Taylor on a Costco trip. 

Uncle Taylor finally warming up to his nephew

I got a free treadmill from someone in the ward and I hope this will be my view 4-5 times every evening once the kids are in bed! Operation wedding weight in full swing!

Chase and I were able to go to the movies while Shelby babysat the kids!
5 weeks too long of not having a date!
Mockingjay part 2 was awesome!

It's been a crazy week but the good def outweighs the bad!

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Kerri Andersen said...

That sounds like a complete nightmare! So glad you are on the men's. I can't imagine how heartbreaking it is for your baby to be sick. And I found out recently as well how hard it is to take care of kids when you are deathly ill as well. That is so hard! Glad you had help and that everyone is mostly back to normal!