Saturday, January 30, 2016

two is better than one

Last week, i was talking with my friend who has two kids just like me. And their birthdays are weeks apart from my kids' so we can swap stories a lot.
I am LOVING having two. It has restored my faith in having a big family and it has been the easiest transition for me. For my friend, not so much. She thought having one was cake and is now struggling adjusting to two.
It's different for everyone.
The interesting thing about all this is that Sawyer isn't as "good" of a baby as Capri. Capri was sleeping through the night by this age (14 hour stretch), would stare at nothing for hours, never needed to be held, would fall asleep on her own easily, she loved baths, she could go about twice as long without eating, etc...... the same cannot be said for Sawyer.
YET..... having Sawyer join our family has been easier.
After those first months of Capri joining our family, I didn't know if I or my marriage could handle a big family full of kids like I thought I wanted- but we're back on track now! I'm sure each kid will bring with it new challenges but thank goodness the adjustments aren't all like that first child for us :) that angel face Capri. it wasn't her fault! her parents were just in for a wake up call on being parents!

10 ways two is better than one:
1. Chase and I are on the same page from day one and know how to be parents together and how to be spouses first
2. Chase and I don't power struggle over sleep and other responsibilities (see the most important theme here- we REALLY struggled with sleep deprivation, lack of independence, tit for tat, and the sacrifice that comes with parenthood at first)
3. I feel I already know how to take care of an infant- the two year old is harder ;)
4. I know how to be a great mom, wife, employee, etc. on very little sleep
5. Sawyer is so entertained by Capri that it makes my job easier- and Capri is entertained by her baby Sawy, too!
6. Capri is a sweetheart with Sawyer and helps out- getting diapers, pacis, clothes, etc.
7. I am a pro at getting life done with a baby on my hip and a toddler in my hand (i still haven't mastered getting both out of the car when they're both asleep but it gets easier with practice. i live at a storage facility and on the second floor..... i don't dare leave one in the car while i run the other in.)
8. I feel I have control of this post baby body quicker and it's getting better every day- I know exercise is key to keeping my energy up and attitude happy!
9. Chase and I can easily take care of one child each and tag team it (I can see how three will make it more complicated.)
10. The love for two is amazing and fills our home with so much love. We'll enjoy these numbers for the next couple years!!


I had a lot of dates this past week!
double date iceskating AND triple date to mongolian bbq AND friend play date AND museum triple date AND it was awesome! let's get to the pics!

My terrific m-i-l got us groupons for Pizza Pie Cafe and Ice skating in SLC! AND babysat our children! Ciara joined Chad, Kina, Chase, and I for dinner and then went her own way while we went ice skating (her shoulder injury would have been a hot mess on the ice). Especially bc none of us had been ice skating in 10+ years. But we got the hang of it again pretty quickly. 
And Chad even ventured to do a ballerina scale..... and then his 6'7" frame came crashing down and blocked many skaters behind him and we couldn't stop laughing! He was okay and it was all a good time! 
And we did individual, timed races around the rink and instead of speeding by as my time ended like everyone else, I flew into Kina and she cushioned my fall (with a full nursing chest.... I was happy for her padding and scarf to catch me!)
 I felt like a middle schooler holding hands with my crush as love songs played with colorful blinking lights above! So fun to go on dates without the kiddos sometimes! And Chase and I kept talking about how nice it is to be married, totally comfortable with each other being ourselves, and secure- it makes dating so much better than awk first dates! But those make for good stories too!
What great company! It was free for us! And our kids had a blast playing together, too! Thanks, Julie (and Dave, too, I guess ;)!)!!!

Then the next Monday, Chase, myself, the kids, Taryn, Taylor, Kristy, and David tried a new Mongolian BBQ place in Spanish Fork called Huhot and it was DELICIOUS! i can't wait to take my parents when they visit next- i love to find good diverse places! And have an excuse to go back as we introduce others to the deliciousness! The company that night was divine! even if Capri needed to go to the bathroom probably 8 times! 

Then Wednesday, my college roomie besties came over and it was quite the party! All the kids played while we chatted! They're all such good kids, funny as can be, and bicker cutely! Seeing young kids work out their sharing and caring issues can be hilarious! Such good social interaction for them! And good for me, too, to be with these girls and catch up!  
4 girlfriends (not pictured)! 2 kids each! One on the way (not me)! Quite the crew! 
Grumps on the ends and cheesballs in the middle! 

Chase was perfectly capable of taking our pic but was being hard to handle so I got out my self stick to practice! Gotta practice before Brazil anyways! Apparently I can use the practice. See the struggle to follow!

Getting 12 people ready for a pic can make Kelly impatient, but Becca chooses to be happy! 


Yes, Chase. This is what I meant when I asked you to take our pic!

We tried!

Oh how i LOVE these girls!

Sawyer is two days younger! But off the charts with that big noggin! Cuties!

And then last night, we went on a triple date with the kids, Chase, myself, Nathan, Ciara, Kristy, and David to the BYU museums night, free catering, and then back to our place for convo and games! I am definitely going back to these museums with the kids and Chase on these cold winter days- they are free, indoor, and super interesting! Ciara was rushing us, but now I know where they are (even with being a BYU alum- I had never been to most of them). The 2.5 hours last night wasn't enough time! We took a great group shot with props and the whole shebang but it wasn't on my camera! BYU is supposed to be emailing me the pic- but apparently it can take up to a week! So these are the only two from last night! But it happened and it was great! What a GREAT week of dates!  

and of course random family pics that i must save!
Capri's new thing: laying on Sawyer's belly. 
Now, it has happened twice when I was on the phone with my mom. Sawyer was sleeping in my room in his swing, and Capri came in to tell me he was awake...... yeah bc she laid on him..... gotta watch that girl like a hawk! Can't punish the sibling love though!
He loves her so much and loves to get a good fistful of her hair, too! Capri laughs and panics at the same time!

Capri has been playing with play dough for months and never mixed the colors (whether I was present or not), but the other day her cousin Millie showed her how. So why did I leave her alone with the play dough while I did my hair? Rookie mistake! 
"Look Mommy, I made a rainbow!" What a cutie! And now the play dough is in the trash. It kept her so entertained, but I can't handle it! The mixing and the flaky pieces all over my house....... and I can't be monitoring her 24/7 when the doorbell is ringing. So bye, play dough! It's been fun! 

and the other day I walked by and saw Chase and Capri watching TV like this. The feet! The belly! She kills me!!!!! 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

pranks and truths

It's no secret that humor and laughter are key in this household. I always knew humor was at the top of my list for who I'd marry. Top 10 qualifications to be this chick's husband (well the spots already filled so to be Chase):
1. Spiritual stability
2. Trust
3. Humor
4. Hard worker/ Provider
5. Loving (verb)
6. Social
7. Prioritizes Time
8. Great Father
9. Great Family member (son, brother, uncle, etc.)
10. Smart

Anyways- sidetracked like always.
So about a month ago, Chase and I got into some pranking wars. I was chopping onions. The kitchen scene escalated quickly and I was balling like crazy from the onions. It's crazy how much pain they cause me. I hate life when they're stinging my eyes. So I knew I looked a wreck and Chase was in the other room watching Netflix. So i went into the living room with a towel in hand, bawling uncontrollably, and said, " I just got off the phone with your mom and....." HE FREAKED and I couldn't keep a straight face and started laughing. For that split second, he had a heart attack. Mission accomplished.

Fastforward a week- Chase was supposed to be at school until 2. I got in the shower around 11 (the perfect scene for sawyer sleeping and capri busy coloring). I even had the thought that I should lock my front door bc who knows if a crazy customer would go on a rampage and I would be oblivious. But i brushed the thought aside bc Raechel was working and I'm upstairs and we keep the front office locked and the water was already running. Well I'm mid-shampooing when I open my eyes and see a floating head and never screamed so loud and felt my heart jump so high! Chase came home early and terrorized me. He said it was payback. But now it was on.

The next week- his cousin Stina was visiting from Georgia. Ciara and Stina showed up unexpectedly for a visit when Chase was in the shower. I told Ciara to go in there and scare the tar out of him. The water shut off just then- so Ciara hid behind the wall for when he came out (luckily with a towel). Chase opened the door and saw me sitting in the recliner and assumed no one else was over. Ciara popped out and hollered- Chase was q-tipping his ears as he exited the bathroom and jammed it FAR into his ear. He was furious. Like actually furious. (I know shoved q tips can kill!) He slammed the door and all. I told him through the door that Stina was here and he hadn't seen her in like 7 years so didn't he wanna come out and be happy- he actually forgave Ciara and I almost immediately and we enjoyed our time with Stina.

Then about three weeks later- one of the best pranks I've ever had played on me. So.... this is TMI but welcome to my blog. I had the implanonon birth control put into my arm around Thanksgiving. My doctor asked me if Chase and I waited the 6 week post baby time frame to make any more babies. I told her half truths (i apologize) and long story short- there was like a 1% we could be pregnant but I just wanted the birth control in my arm so I didn't have to wait another month to check since I was 99% sure we weren't.
We were careful, but abstinence is the only guarantee people!
ANYWAYS. A couple weeks after the birth control is settled, I started feeling nauseaus, getting headaches, and having weird dreams...... UH-OH!!! Not again!
This is what happened after we had Capri..... and then the miscarriage. and my son was less than 2 months old. I would literally not share on facebook until I was 36 weeks pregnant bc this is embarrassing and not part of my plan. But I should be grateful. And i had a THOUSAND different emotions. I waited another 4 weeks just hoping the symptoms would pass and are just side effects from the birth control. (So by now I would be 10 weeks prego. And I'm fully nursing so no cycle can tell me my answers!) and the symptoms weren't easing up- I finally asked Chase to pick up a pregnancy test on his way home from work. So there I am.
It is 10 PM and I took the test. I went in the kitchen to drink more water so I could take the second one in the box, too. I have a real problem with pregnancy tests. I am an addict and always have to quadruple check. I sat on the couch and Chase asked me if I was going to check the results. I forgot for a split second. I hopped up and went into the bathroom. And there THEY were....... two blue lines..... I panicked, hyperventilated, bawled, and freaked out in a matter of 2 seconds. Then I looked closer- one of the lines looked crooked...... And there Chase was on the recliner- beaming and smiling. And there in the make up bin- i saw a blue sharpie! That little stinker DREW a blue line with a sharpie!!! It was Chase's best prank yet. (why did i not take a pic of the test- so funny!) And since I wanted the results to be negative- i was nothing but relieved. The relief I felt brought a little guilt but really..... thank heavens!!!! And I laughed about it for days! And still took the second pregnancy test the next morning with Chase nowhere to be seen to make sure!

So that's what life is like in the Anderson household. A party!

Two more little snippets that I just want to document bc they melted my heart.....

Capri is doing great at sleeping in her own bed by herself all night (Chase was sleeping in there sometimes bc Sawyer was keeping him awake and it was easier for us each to be responsible for one child, etc etc) But for the past month, we're back to normal. Sawyer in the hall. Capri in her room. Mommy and Daddy in their room together.
Well, even though she's been great, she's also a master manipulator. She "needs to pee", "needs a drink", "needs to blow me another kiss", etc. etc. And I just tell her No! and if I hear her again, I will shut her door (that's a whole other story why it stays open now). But it's good bc she sleeps through Sawyer crying in the hall and I will merge them into one room soon.
ANYWAYS- man I'm rambling a lot in this blog.
So she does this every night and I normally do go to her beck and call bc I don't want her to wake up Sawyer right outside her open door. Sometimes I give her a kiss, threaten her, bribe her, shut the door, etc. The whole bedtime begging takes about 10 minutes. or longer if people are over and she's longing to be out in the living room with us.
Well one night, she had been quiet for about 10 minutes (so I assumed she was fast asleep). And then I heard a small whisper, "Mommy, I need to tell you something." And she says is about four times- I finally go to her and am about to get stern and say, "Yes, Capri?" and she just sits up and says, "Jesus loves me!" and my little heart grew ten times that night! It was one of my best mommy moments. How adorable! and she is such a little sponge! I'm glad this is something she has soaked up bc it's so true and that knowledge brings the spirit into our home like crazy! I love that little angel, just like Jesus does!

Last Friday, I had the worst day at work- no exxageration (a 13 unit break in- it was a hot mess. it was a blizzard) and Chase was MIA, my co-worker was busy, and my boss was out of town. So with my two kids and just me- it was STRESSFUL! I decided I needed to go up to my in-laws and vent after my shift. So i did just that. I am so grateful that Chase's parents' house is just as comfortable to me as my own! What a blessing they are to my life. Anyways- the kids and I are driving up there. When we pass the powerplant on the left, I hear Capri SCREAMING that she sees a temple and starts singing the temple song! It turned my whole day around and I couldn't stop smiling! This is what it looked like from the road.... i see her point!

Ok..... mom confession RIGHT NOW. I am blogging- I can see into the bathroom.... Capri is doing her business while holding my phone and watching netflix while on the toilet........ i can't go to the bathroom without my phone either. hahahaha! the things she observes and picks up.... OH MY! this is terrifying and hilarious.

ok some random pics to tie up this random blog! my sister doesn't have snap chat but we do text pics back and forth a lot. hence.

and this little girl had a two night sleep over with her cousins at her grandparents! she's so lucky! and that luck rolls over onto me when our home life is quieter and she's having the time of her life!

Monday, January 11, 2016


This past weekend, Chase and I went snowboarding. My brother works at Snowbird so we headed up there and saw him on the job. He's profesh at snowboarding so I was a little embarrassed with him watching me struggle! He worked the bunny hill lift part of the time and I'd see him watching!  This was my first time ever doing any kind of mountain sport and Chase was a great teacher. I still need to go probably two or three more times to even attempt a real run! The hardest part for me was getting up in the first place. Once I was up, I felt I could carve and glide fairly well but then I'd fall..... and it would take me three or four times to get up and I wasted 80% of my energy on getting up! This sport is no joke! It feels pretty unnatural but I'm glad I went and am learning! 
Ciara and my in-laws watched the kiddos! They are treated like royalty there and we are so grateful for them! They give us so many date opportunities! 

My little munchkins:
Sawyer is such a good little baby! And looking fresh in his Sunday best!
He is sleeping 12 hours at night (with an 8 hour stretch in the beginning and then either two 2 hour stretches right after or a 4 hour stretch! I'm blessed!) and takes tons of naps- probably totaling 5 hours throughout the day. 
He is a big eater and weighing in at 15 lbs! 
He'll be three months this week. 
He smiles ALL the time! and has my heart completely!
He can roll from stomach to back regularly! 
He loves his exersaucer and jumper! 
He loves to reach for toys and loves to watch Capri! Yesterday she had her microphone and was dancing and singing- he watched her for a good 20 minutes mesmerized! Adorable!

Capri is such a good sister and sweetheart! She loves to play hide and seek. We will often hear her shouting, "COME FIND ME!" when she gave us no warning that we were playing hide and seek. She is a fantastic eater. 
She eats everything on her plate at least once. It is hilarious to see her eat a vegetable she isn't totally fond of bc she'll chew and chew and choke it down and make a disgusted face but eventually finish it down with her drink! 
She asks to eat every 10 minutes. If i let her, she would eat three bananas, four apples, fifty carrots, seven hundred drinks, two sandwiches, four lunches, three dinners, two bowls of cereal, oatmeal, soups, mac n cheese, crackers, pretzels, etc. ALL DAY! i've realized a lot of it is boredom when she says, "I'm hungry." I have to limit her bc she is eating me out of house and home! 
She also sleeps like a champ and is getting better at staying in her bed all night. 
She loves to sing, dance, count, practice her ABCs, read, watch movies, and kiss Sawyer. She still asks to hold him daily and loves to lay next to him as he plays. 
She has resorted to acting like a baby sometimes in her pretend play (paci, nursing, get in the crib, etc.) but it's cute to me at this point. 
She is quite bossy and has her opinions (on saturday her grandma's dog was outside and she kept shouting, "Chunky, you better get in the house right now. I said right now!" ..... but even with her sass, she's still very obedient and sweet! 
She never stops talking (especially in the car! I'm working on teaching her that the car is quiet time!) 
She is fully potty trained (as long as she doesn't get distracted at the foot on the toilet.) She loves to play outside in the snow and go sledding. 
I could go on and on but you get the picture- she's awesome! 

Anyway. Here are our snowboarding pics! Life is good and being a mom of two has helped me love even more, develop more patience, and be even more organized! What a blessing to be a mother to these two angels! 

My snowboarding instructor!
I was able to get down the chickadee bunny hill in one hour the first time, then 30 minutes the next time, then 15 minutes the next time and stayed at that time pretty consistently from then on!

then I took a break while Chase went on a big boy run! It was nice to take a break and cool down!
my home on Saturday

just little five years old schooling me at snow sports!

a succesful day!

followed by a nice nap! 
with capri, chantelle, sawyer, and me all snuggling!