Saturday, January 30, 2016


I had a lot of dates this past week!
double date iceskating AND triple date to mongolian bbq AND friend play date AND museum triple date AND it was awesome! let's get to the pics!

My terrific m-i-l got us groupons for Pizza Pie Cafe and Ice skating in SLC! AND babysat our children! Ciara joined Chad, Kina, Chase, and I for dinner and then went her own way while we went ice skating (her shoulder injury would have been a hot mess on the ice). Especially bc none of us had been ice skating in 10+ years. But we got the hang of it again pretty quickly. 
And Chad even ventured to do a ballerina scale..... and then his 6'7" frame came crashing down and blocked many skaters behind him and we couldn't stop laughing! He was okay and it was all a good time! 
And we did individual, timed races around the rink and instead of speeding by as my time ended like everyone else, I flew into Kina and she cushioned my fall (with a full nursing chest.... I was happy for her padding and scarf to catch me!)
 I felt like a middle schooler holding hands with my crush as love songs played with colorful blinking lights above! So fun to go on dates without the kiddos sometimes! And Chase and I kept talking about how nice it is to be married, totally comfortable with each other being ourselves, and secure- it makes dating so much better than awk first dates! But those make for good stories too!
What great company! It was free for us! And our kids had a blast playing together, too! Thanks, Julie (and Dave, too, I guess ;)!)!!!

Then the next Monday, Chase, myself, the kids, Taryn, Taylor, Kristy, and David tried a new Mongolian BBQ place in Spanish Fork called Huhot and it was DELICIOUS! i can't wait to take my parents when they visit next- i love to find good diverse places! And have an excuse to go back as we introduce others to the deliciousness! The company that night was divine! even if Capri needed to go to the bathroom probably 8 times! 

Then Wednesday, my college roomie besties came over and it was quite the party! All the kids played while we chatted! They're all such good kids, funny as can be, and bicker cutely! Seeing young kids work out their sharing and caring issues can be hilarious! Such good social interaction for them! And good for me, too, to be with these girls and catch up!  
4 girlfriends (not pictured)! 2 kids each! One on the way (not me)! Quite the crew! 
Grumps on the ends and cheesballs in the middle! 

Chase was perfectly capable of taking our pic but was being hard to handle so I got out my self stick to practice! Gotta practice before Brazil anyways! Apparently I can use the practice. See the struggle to follow!

Getting 12 people ready for a pic can make Kelly impatient, but Becca chooses to be happy! 


Yes, Chase. This is what I meant when I asked you to take our pic!

We tried!

Oh how i LOVE these girls!

Sawyer is two days younger! But off the charts with that big noggin! Cuties!

And then last night, we went on a triple date with the kids, Chase, myself, Nathan, Ciara, Kristy, and David to the BYU museums night, free catering, and then back to our place for convo and games! I am definitely going back to these museums with the kids and Chase on these cold winter days- they are free, indoor, and super interesting! Ciara was rushing us, but now I know where they are (even with being a BYU alum- I had never been to most of them). The 2.5 hours last night wasn't enough time! We took a great group shot with props and the whole shebang but it wasn't on my camera! BYU is supposed to be emailing me the pic- but apparently it can take up to a week! So these are the only two from last night! But it happened and it was great! What a GREAT week of dates!  

and of course random family pics that i must save!
Capri's new thing: laying on Sawyer's belly. 
Now, it has happened twice when I was on the phone with my mom. Sawyer was sleeping in my room in his swing, and Capri came in to tell me he was awake...... yeah bc she laid on him..... gotta watch that girl like a hawk! Can't punish the sibling love though!
He loves her so much and loves to get a good fistful of her hair, too! Capri laughs and panics at the same time!

Capri has been playing with play dough for months and never mixed the colors (whether I was present or not), but the other day her cousin Millie showed her how. So why did I leave her alone with the play dough while I did my hair? Rookie mistake! 
"Look Mommy, I made a rainbow!" What a cutie! And now the play dough is in the trash. It kept her so entertained, but I can't handle it! The mixing and the flaky pieces all over my house....... and I can't be monitoring her 24/7 when the doorbell is ringing. So bye, play dough! It's been fun! 

and the other day I walked by and saw Chase and Capri watching TV like this. The feet! The belly! She kills me!!!!! 

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