Monday, January 11, 2016


This past weekend, Chase and I went snowboarding. My brother works at Snowbird so we headed up there and saw him on the job. He's profesh at snowboarding so I was a little embarrassed with him watching me struggle! He worked the bunny hill lift part of the time and I'd see him watching!  This was my first time ever doing any kind of mountain sport and Chase was a great teacher. I still need to go probably two or three more times to even attempt a real run! The hardest part for me was getting up in the first place. Once I was up, I felt I could carve and glide fairly well but then I'd fall..... and it would take me three or four times to get up and I wasted 80% of my energy on getting up! This sport is no joke! It feels pretty unnatural but I'm glad I went and am learning! 
Ciara and my in-laws watched the kiddos! They are treated like royalty there and we are so grateful for them! They give us so many date opportunities! 

My little munchkins:
Sawyer is such a good little baby! And looking fresh in his Sunday best!
He is sleeping 12 hours at night (with an 8 hour stretch in the beginning and then either two 2 hour stretches right after or a 4 hour stretch! I'm blessed!) and takes tons of naps- probably totaling 5 hours throughout the day. 
He is a big eater and weighing in at 15 lbs! 
He'll be three months this week. 
He smiles ALL the time! and has my heart completely!
He can roll from stomach to back regularly! 
He loves his exersaucer and jumper! 
He loves to reach for toys and loves to watch Capri! Yesterday she had her microphone and was dancing and singing- he watched her for a good 20 minutes mesmerized! Adorable!

Capri is such a good sister and sweetheart! She loves to play hide and seek. We will often hear her shouting, "COME FIND ME!" when she gave us no warning that we were playing hide and seek. She is a fantastic eater. 
She eats everything on her plate at least once. It is hilarious to see her eat a vegetable she isn't totally fond of bc she'll chew and chew and choke it down and make a disgusted face but eventually finish it down with her drink! 
She asks to eat every 10 minutes. If i let her, she would eat three bananas, four apples, fifty carrots, seven hundred drinks, two sandwiches, four lunches, three dinners, two bowls of cereal, oatmeal, soups, mac n cheese, crackers, pretzels, etc. ALL DAY! i've realized a lot of it is boredom when she says, "I'm hungry." I have to limit her bc she is eating me out of house and home! 
She also sleeps like a champ and is getting better at staying in her bed all night. 
She loves to sing, dance, count, practice her ABCs, read, watch movies, and kiss Sawyer. She still asks to hold him daily and loves to lay next to him as he plays. 
She has resorted to acting like a baby sometimes in her pretend play (paci, nursing, get in the crib, etc.) but it's cute to me at this point. 
She is quite bossy and has her opinions (on saturday her grandma's dog was outside and she kept shouting, "Chunky, you better get in the house right now. I said right now!" ..... but even with her sass, she's still very obedient and sweet! 
She never stops talking (especially in the car! I'm working on teaching her that the car is quiet time!) 
She is fully potty trained (as long as she doesn't get distracted at the foot on the toilet.) She loves to play outside in the snow and go sledding. 
I could go on and on but you get the picture- she's awesome! 

Anyway. Here are our snowboarding pics! Life is good and being a mom of two has helped me love even more, develop more patience, and be even more organized! What a blessing to be a mother to these two angels! 

My snowboarding instructor!
I was able to get down the chickadee bunny hill in one hour the first time, then 30 minutes the next time, then 15 minutes the next time and stayed at that time pretty consistently from then on!

then I took a break while Chase went on a big boy run! It was nice to take a break and cool down!
my home on Saturday

just little five years old schooling me at snow sports!

a succesful day!

followed by a nice nap! 
with capri, chantelle, sawyer, and me all snuggling!

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