Saturday, January 30, 2016

two is better than one

Last week, i was talking with my friend who has two kids just like me. And their birthdays are weeks apart from my kids' so we can swap stories a lot.
I am LOVING having two. It has restored my faith in having a big family and it has been the easiest transition for me. For my friend, not so much. She thought having one was cake and is now struggling adjusting to two.
It's different for everyone.
The interesting thing about all this is that Sawyer isn't as "good" of a baby as Capri. Capri was sleeping through the night by this age (14 hour stretch), would stare at nothing for hours, never needed to be held, would fall asleep on her own easily, she loved baths, she could go about twice as long without eating, etc...... the same cannot be said for Sawyer.
YET..... having Sawyer join our family has been easier.
After those first months of Capri joining our family, I didn't know if I or my marriage could handle a big family full of kids like I thought I wanted- but we're back on track now! I'm sure each kid will bring with it new challenges but thank goodness the adjustments aren't all like that first child for us :) that angel face Capri. it wasn't her fault! her parents were just in for a wake up call on being parents!

10 ways two is better than one:
1. Chase and I are on the same page from day one and know how to be parents together and how to be spouses first
2. Chase and I don't power struggle over sleep and other responsibilities (see the most important theme here- we REALLY struggled with sleep deprivation, lack of independence, tit for tat, and the sacrifice that comes with parenthood at first)
3. I feel I already know how to take care of an infant- the two year old is harder ;)
4. I know how to be a great mom, wife, employee, etc. on very little sleep
5. Sawyer is so entertained by Capri that it makes my job easier- and Capri is entertained by her baby Sawy, too!
6. Capri is a sweetheart with Sawyer and helps out- getting diapers, pacis, clothes, etc.
7. I am a pro at getting life done with a baby on my hip and a toddler in my hand (i still haven't mastered getting both out of the car when they're both asleep but it gets easier with practice. i live at a storage facility and on the second floor..... i don't dare leave one in the car while i run the other in.)
8. I feel I have control of this post baby body quicker and it's getting better every day- I know exercise is key to keeping my energy up and attitude happy!
9. Chase and I can easily take care of one child each and tag team it (I can see how three will make it more complicated.)
10. The love for two is amazing and fills our home with so much love. We'll enjoy these numbers for the next couple years!!

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