Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sawyer at 4 months

This cute thing is 4 months old! 

He is a huge eater. He eats 4-6 oz..... every 1.75 hours..... so that's why I started adding in formula into his diet. He still eats just as much and just as often but at least it's not stressing me out as much :) I have tried stretching him longer..... but he is chase's son and needs to grow big and tall!

He is okay at sleeping. I realize now I was spoiled with Capri. A two-month old sleeping 14 hours straight...... I guess I am not the baby whisperer I thought I was and Capri was just amazing. Bc at 4 months, Sawyer is a wreck. He'll sleep for 12 hours but just needs a lot of milk when he wakes for his 5-7 minute wakings. Some nights he wakes ever 45 minutes, sometimes every 2 hours, sometimes has five hour stretches, and last night he did an 8 hour stretch..... who knows? I can't figure him out and am trying to keep my sanity. Hopefully as I add solids, then he will be more full and have less full diapers! Not even "overnite" diapers can contain this baby!

He is 15 lbs 13 oz (51%ile)
He is 27 inches (85%ile)
His head is 43 cm (81%ile)

He loves to jump in his bouncer. 

He hates his infant carseat. That's 2 for 2 kids.

He cries hysterically when a noise scares him (people laughing suddenly really sends him into a panic) which is often in this household.

He is bi-polar in the sense that he is full-belly laughing one second and then throwing a fit screaming mid-laugh. 

He has actually put himself to sleep the last eight times he's fallen asleep (six naps and two nights) with the "cry it out method". Aka I put him down and he whines for about 10 seconds and then is quiet. I go peek in on him a couple minutes later and he's asleep...... WOW! Considering I've rocked him to sleep the first 4 months of his life, I can't believe he's transitioned so well. Capri was a good sleeper but didn't put herself to sleep that well. I am being blessed since my nights are meh! I try not to compare but I do.
I wasn't going to do sleep training till we got back from Brazil bc I know our mothers aren't going to let him "cry it out" but hey- maybe this amazing novelty will keep up! And he's actually sleeping better at night bc when he wakes up after a couple hours, I wait a few seconds with his whimpers and he has put himself back to sleep again! This was a good idea! Between the rice cereal, heavy dutier diapers, swaddling, unswaddling, paci, no paci, temperature adjustment, and other tests- this sleep training has been the best at helping him sleep! He is self soothing!

He can pretty much throw himself out of your arms, his bumbo, his swing, etc. so it's terrifying. I haven't actually seen him throw himself out but he's gotten close. 
He must be strapped in and I'm about to be done with the swing all together- even though it can be amazing! But since he's putting himself to sleep- why? haha.

He doesn't dislike "I will always love you" by Whitney Houston, if you were wondering. We've tried again and again and he just smiles. 

He is a very happy baby. Even if I'm a tired zombie, he is such a happy baby and I love that the most! That's 2 for 2 kids again! 

He keeps us learning and we love him so much! 

I see a lot of Chase and Grant in Sawyer. And then he makes an attractive face like this..... and I know he's my son :'D

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