Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The last two weeks of adventures

Life is good in the Anderson home! Hence!
Sure there is sleep deprivation, cold days, and stressful work...... but there is also laughter, games, spiritual lessons, and creative adventures! 

A couple Sundays ago- Capri and I were all couped up. 9 o'clock church is awesome but also leaves for long afternoons. So we decided to go play in the snow before bedtime! Chase and Sawy stayed inside and Capri was in heaven in her winter wonderland!

The face of pure joy

She is obsessed with making snow angels. She asks me everyday if we can make a snow angel!

Then later in the week we had another sleepover with Millie! We found an awesome amish grocery store in Provo. It reminded me of our trip to NY so much! And great jam, cheese, and other goodies! Just in case you were wondering- there is one amish family that lives in this community- but the store is mainly to sell Amish products from PA to the non-amish of Utah and just grow the profit of their makings. I asked :) 

Then after the amish store, we went to the indoor mall play area to get out some energy!

A couple days later, we also organized a fun game night at the church gym by Chase's house. Had about a 20 person turn out. Thanks Julie for watching the kiddos! No pics of the gym fun- DANG!! That doesn't take away from the blast though! Knock-out, kickball, dodgeball, basketball, pacman tag, murder in the dark, four-square, etc!!! 

This Sunday, I was reflecting a lot on how hard it is to get to church and get something out of church with two young kiddos! Esp if I have to go without Chase. 
Always worth it but almost always a struggle! I'm glad I was raised to know that we go to church and that the decision was made when I was young. It's not a question each Sunday. It's a given! And it's so important! 

Something not as important about Sunday.... super bowl Sunday! But it was still a blast. 
Family, friends, good food, healthy competitions, bets- my favorite things! 

Last Saturday, Uncle Taylor and Aunt Taryn invited Capri to go sledding with them. Well they invited the whole fam but Chase was working and I opted to stay warm with Sawy. Capri had a blast!!And hot chocolate was waiting for them when they got home! 

Then it was off to grandma hanks 85th birthday dinner! I didn't get pics but it's still worth mentioning! 

And this Tuesday, we had the morning off and decided to follow our friend, Laura's, footsteps and go to Chinatown in SLC for Chinese New Year's! It made me think of Singapore and all my great memories in Asia! And how I can't wait to plan that trip with Chase in the future years!

Capri was obsessed with this panda! And eating Hello Pandas. That's my girl!

Sawyer was a champ as we pushed him around!

taking selfies while waiting for Daddy in the bathroom ;) hahaha
and then he comes out, catches us, and mocks us (well, mocks me).

and the last fun story for this post.... Sawyer tried baby cereal for the first time today. Hilarious how they can't keep the food in their mouth the first couple times (esp this boy with his big, pouty, lower lip!) Also, I love the bibs Chase's grandma made Sawyer for Christmas, cute and super protective! Adorable little man!

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