Wednesday, February 17, 2016

the weekend with grandma hanks

this weekend we stayed up at chase's house while his mom and sister went to LA to look for wedding material and items......... ciara's boyfriend surprised her in LA and took her disney land and officially proposed :) she was ecstatic!
(yes they were planning wedding stuff without being officially engaged. but that's how it normally goes ;) well at least for this fam)
and i am so happy nathan will be in the family. he's always been our favorite!
anyways- with everyone's schedule and people out of town- we needed to help out with grandma hanks. she's the best! it was a fun weekend with dave and us and cody for a bit!
Capri loves Grandma Hanks to the max. It's a really special bond and I love the love of kids. No prejudice. No awkwardness. Just giving and loving! It helps that Grandma is always sneaking Capri suckers and graham crackers. 
The pic on the right is Grandma doing "this little piggy" as they watch AFV. 
Great quote that this all reminds me of: "Love is natural. Hate is learned." -paraphrased from Nelson Mandela.

For some family history :)
I also asked her what would be her marriage advice for someone like me married to someone crazy like Chase? And she said "You always be the boss. Just be the boss!" Hahah done and done. 
I love walking into her room and finding massive Chase snuggling and spooning her on her tiny bed! Oh family!

One of the nights- I was all alone with the kids and grandma. They were all asleep so I got in the jacuzzi tub with my Christmas present from Ciara from Lush- a bath bomb! hence the pink water. and  I read for my book club and had my fiber one snack! Heaven!!!!! I really loved this book and can't wait to discuss tonight at our book club! 
P.S. Chase and I have a little bet going on right now. We have two months (until April 16) to lose our desired weight. I want to lose 15 lbs by then (25 total) and Chase wants to lose 40 lbs by then (80 total). And whoever wins or goes so many pounds above their goal gets a prize. A weekend getaway! Mine will be with a gf to park city, the movies, hotel, mani/pedi, etc! it's going to be awesome! Chase is going to to go LA and camp with his buddy, visit the hollywood sign, metal detect, and beach it up! I pray I win! Even though Cody is rooting against me bc he is hoping to go with Chase. So that's lovely! Anyways! I've already lost 2 lbs this week so if i keep that rate up then I'll make it to 16-18 lbs! Holla!!! 

And thank you to the new snap chat filters for this entertainment! 

We walked around the new RC Willey in Orem and I couldn't get these two to move away from these $3,000 recliners!

and just a cute pic to end of our good friend David with Capri. She has become infatuated! 

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