Thursday, March 31, 2016

easter week

While Capri and I were waiting for the blog pics to upload, we watched my wedding video. This girl melts my heart. She was pointing everyone out (even noticed baby preston, reagan, charlotte, aubrey, millie. i was impressed) and then said "that's my daddy and mommy. I love them."... cue mommy tears ..... she watches more..... she grabs my face and says "can i get married in the temple? can i go to the temple? I want to get married." and i melted! so grateful for my video and special day and how it's already an example for this little one. 

i also want to share another touching moment.... this one a little more sassy..... i had a mission reunion last week and i brought the kids bc chase had to work. she needed to go to the bathroom so i told her to go in that stall and she looks at me, curtsies, and says "alright your majesty." I laughed so loud and therefore she said it over and over. She has continued to say "alright your majesty" with a little smirk anytime i have asked her to do anything. p.s. i recognized the phrase from cinderella when she addresses the cat lucifer. we watch that down in the office a lot! hahah! i love her copying and wit! 

now enjoy a blog post of random stringed together events from the last week.
these two spend a lot of time together. 
capri was watching the good dinasour for the first time and millie had already seen it. 
millie warned her of scary parts and offered her hand. haha. 

my little and big easter bunnies! we had a nice sabbath and my primary class was actually under control for once. an easter miracle!
chase recently got new suits and i love seeing him in his sunday best even more now. 
the easter talks resonated esp strong and i enjoyed focusing on the atonement and ressurection. 
one part from sacrament meeting i really loved was a gentleman's talk about how we may think christ dind't hurt as much bc he is part god and therefore stronger. he quoted a general authority saying that bc christ had the godly qualities and strength, it allowed him the capacity and feelings to suffer and hurt even more. the spirit really touched me and taught me during that talk! 

early easter basket findings before church
the way she puts her hand over her eyes.... kills me

the day before she was able to hunt away with her cousins!

Amanda, my bff from indiana, came to visit for 48 hours that easter evening! it was her brother's baby's blessing, birthday, and easter weekend. i was able to have her sleep over and get her for 24 of those hours! it was amazing! and this is us trying to get chase to take our picture. at first he was taking selfies but we didn't know it. but amanda did say "why are you making that face?" hahaha. she was on to him.

capri demanded to be in it. 
we also celebrated easter that monday with my in-laws. it was insane and amazing! julie never does anything half way. the granddaughters were in heaven and made out like bandits! candy for days! perfect for my clean eating, calorie counting, excersing booty! 

had the brilliant idea the next day to have a nieces day.
it actually did turn out to be brilliant. coulda been too much but it was just right!

these two even took a two hour nap and sawyer was able to nap his 5 hours throughout the day! heaven!
best friends. 
birthdays one week apart. 

these two became besties too and loved finding easter eggs over and over.

uncle chase is a favorite. he's a big jungle gym and constant ball of energy for them. 

another day we went to texas roadhouse as a family. i pity whoever sits next to our boisterous group.

then another day we went to kohls and i caught charlotte passing on her gagnam wisdom! hahah

Ciara had an auntie/niece day. Did you know they charge only $3 for a child's manicure and pedicure combined? So fun! I haven't had one since my wedding so Capri is learning all about pampering from her auntie. 

i love getting snaps when they have their play dates

another cute shot ciara sent me when she watched my kiddos while chase, julie, dave, and i went to the Provo City Center Temple dedication. It was powerful and I wish I had a copy of the noon session talks because they were amazing! 
I can't wait to go do a session in a couple weeks when my parents come into town for taylor's graduation. 

took this gem this morning. trying to catch a few zzzzs while i thought capri was just on her stool talking to sawyer. these two! #thickasthieves

also..... (longest post ever right? well i'm prepping you for my brazil post- bc that one will actually probably be my longest post ever. less than 4 weeks until brazil. can you believe it?) anyways back to the present. my kids have been sick A LOT this winter. i heard that having a toddler with a baby causes the baby to get sick more but it was getting ridiculous. They would be healthy for one to two days in between cold like symptoms since November. I wasn't taking them to the doctor bc it just seemed like bad allergies or your common cold and just rough sleeping. well I had an inkling to research and i came across the mold idea. YEP! we have mold. now i love our maintenance crew but they do everything (asphalt, hasps, roofing, plumbing, electric, tile, drywall, paint, landscaping, pest control, etc.) So they did their work and turned my house upside down for two days. But i have requested and been approved for professional mold inspectors to come in two weeks and make sure it's all gone! i hope so and am grateful for the health sawyer and capri do have! and hope this dangerous mold can be gone for good! 

the maintenance moved everything out but when they were done they asked us to move it all back in. chase was gone late at night and i couldn't wait! i can be very impatient! I wanted my house back! the kids were asleep so i moved everything back in but the washer and dryer myself. it was quite the work-out and i am proud of myself. and a bonus: i didn't rip the linoleum! since it was freshly put down they really warned me about that! 

well there you go. 
you just took the longest stroll ever in my shoes for a week. 

Monday, March 21, 2016


Three kids cooperating in a pic. Impossible. But now we see how many pics I need to take to get all three smiling..... and i still wasn't even successful. But they're still cute.

this whole photo session requested by Millie. We love having her over, play, sleeping over, and living back close to us!! Texas was too far! 
Now if only my mom and dad could live with us then we'd be set...... eh they'll be in depends soon enough and I'll take care of them. Actually after seeing what it takes for my in-laws to care for Grandma Hanks, I'm terrified of caring for oldies. Taylor is more charitable than I - so maybe it should fall to him. But I'm more familiar with diaper changing! Shelby is the nurse so that would make sense. Chase used to work in a nursing home but the years since have hardened him. Caleb is the most spoiled so maybe the burden should fall to him. Burden? haha. I'm a horrible daughter! Haha I digress. Sorry Mom and Dad :) 

Family dates!

Chase and I tried out a groupon for El Tropical (a Dominican Republic place by our house) and we're converted. We are easily impressed when food is involved. No surprise there!
Then we had a nice afternoon at the park and spending time together as a fam!

 and in one week i did my very first top knot and fish tail..... just five years behind the times but i'm working my way to being in style!

Another evening we were up at the in-laws, played in the backyard with the kiddos, played night games, and had a bonfire.

What 7 AM look like at our house!

and some nice just because flowers from my sweetie poo (chase)!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Caprisms and a Double Date

These two babies have been loads of fun lately, especially funny Capri! 
I've been trying to write down funny things she has said. These are the blog appropriate ones (aka moments that don't incriminate me or embarrass me by revealing household secrets and bad mom snippets!)

It happens daily when I bump Capri or drop her toy or can't reach her in the back seat when I'm driving and I say "Sorry Capri" and she says "Thanks for saying sorry, Mommy!" 
Whenever she says sorry or is being better with her friends- i always praise her and tell her thank you. well that's an okay habit for her to pick up i suppose. 

A couple weeks ago, I was up at 2 AM feeding Sawyer and Capri came out of her room- she saw me up and out of bed and told me, "You don't get to put a sticker on your chart in the morning." and turned around and went back to her bed. Hahaha. I still let her put a sticker on her chart every morning when she stays in her bed all night and its a golden moment for her! 
My mom asked me what she gets when the chart is full- don't even put ideas in her head. Putting the sticker on the chart is the prize!

I have been watching Millie 2-3 times a week and they've been working on getting along. But I hear constantly, "Millie's not listening to me" and then I have to lecture Capri (or Millie if she's upset about the same thing) how Millie doesn't have to listen to her. They are not in charge or their mother. How can you avoid a bossy oldest child sister situation? hahaha. 

The other day Sawyer and Capri were playing together. Sawyer was pulling Capri's shirt and Capri removed his hand and then slapped the top of his hand and said, "No Sawyer. We don't do that." hahahaha. I was mortified!
I then had to tell her how she's not his mommy and should never slap Sawyer's hand. A good thing to copy? hahah i think not. oh man. I do that to Capri when she tries to run out into the street or touch my curling iron or anything else dangerous. Hahaha. 

Two days ago she was drawing with chalk and squatting down. Her little bum was showing. She looked over her shoulder at me and said, "my crack is out." 
WHAT? I swear I don't say that phrase. hahaha. where does she get this? Chase? idk! but i died laughing. so she kept repeating it. 

Multiple times a day Capri will bump her head, fall on her knee, scratch her arm, etc. You can then see her across the room, kiss her hand, and put her hand on wherever the injury is. So funny to me! Bc that's what I do for her when she gets hurt. 

Maybe these are only funny to me bc I'm her mom but hey! Now they're on my blog to be seen for years to come! 

Stoked for church yesterday
I can't get over how perfect they are to me!

The only good thing about Chase sneaking off to Capri's room (where there is the noise machine and no sawyer....) I get the whole bed to myself! It's heaven! Yeah I took this at 3 AM after a feeding. 

Woke up from my three hour nap yesterday to find this lovely castle fort. It's sad that my first thought was "what a mess"! then I thought, what a great dad and what a fun afternoon for Capri. I crawled in the tent and told her story after story via flashlight! 

Saturday night, Chase and I went on a double date with the beloved Kristy and David.
These two nuggets were first babysat by Uncle Taylor and then switched to Aunt Ciara! Tag team! I believe Capri is trying to do a peace sign but she's go the "L" down! haha! Lucky little niece and nephew!

Trying to take a pic with my girl Kristy and Chase harasses us. He brought this pic upon himself! Tears of laughter!

We went to HuHot and then to the play, The Andrews Brothers! Super funny and great company! The singing, dancing, acting, and audience participation were real winners!

We're looking forward to another fun week with Bachelor's Women Tell All, some book club, baby shower planning, park time, and other fun stuff. Oh I'm volunteering at BYU to have Sawyer observed for a class..... that outta be interesting! Over and out!