Monday, March 21, 2016


Three kids cooperating in a pic. Impossible. But now we see how many pics I need to take to get all three smiling..... and i still wasn't even successful. But they're still cute.

this whole photo session requested by Millie. We love having her over, play, sleeping over, and living back close to us!! Texas was too far! 
Now if only my mom and dad could live with us then we'd be set...... eh they'll be in depends soon enough and I'll take care of them. Actually after seeing what it takes for my in-laws to care for Grandma Hanks, I'm terrified of caring for oldies. Taylor is more charitable than I - so maybe it should fall to him. But I'm more familiar with diaper changing! Shelby is the nurse so that would make sense. Chase used to work in a nursing home but the years since have hardened him. Caleb is the most spoiled so maybe the burden should fall to him. Burden? haha. I'm a horrible daughter! Haha I digress. Sorry Mom and Dad :) 

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Mom said...

And this all started out so nicely with pictures of my cute grandkids!!!!