Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Family pics and catching up

Today has been psycho. My parents fly into town in five hours. I have been sitting in this office for almost 10 hours and everytime I try to put my baby down for a nap or grab a drink- the doorbell rings. Hello, BYU students! It's busy season for the storage unit with BYU's semester ending. Chase has finals. We're trying to prepare for Brazil that's in less than a week! Taylor's graduating ceremonies are tomorrow and Friday and things are psycho here! So I want to have my blog as up to date as possible before Brazil bc that post is going to be daunting on its own and I don't like to procrastinate. And I use my blog to create my yearly shutterfly scrapbooks so it all must be documented. If you've seen our family pics on fbook- well here you go again.
So here is the most rushed post of your life! Because my office closes in 10 minutes and then I need to clean my house like a mad woman! So enjoy the pics.....
A little family Mochi Koro fun

More family monster jenga fun. Making games for Ciara and Nathan's backyard reception! It's going to be epic!

Another game night and bbq night

Millie gave Capri some of her extra barbies (so sweet) and Capri has slept with them every chance she cans.
Melts my heart.

My beloved bff had another perfect baby girl. She hasn't even blogged about it yet so I'll leave this pic at that.

Chase taping creeper pics up in my mirror and giving me heart attacks. 

And family pics! With one minute until closing time!! Cue music!

Thanks, Taryn, for doing an amazing job with our family pics. So treasured!

What a fun chapter in our lives to be living at our cherished storage facility!
I'll be grateful for busy season to be over though ;) Until next time!

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