Saturday, April 9, 2016

Purpose Tour: Justin Bieber

Enough said!
Actually it's not enough! It was amazing. No words will ever be enough! I had the BEST night! And yes I realize I'm almost 27 years old and I was embarrassing myself at the Bieb's concert. But hey- it was AMAZING! Just like it was 6 years ago at his first concert!
I've loved him ever since the first time I heard "Baby" on the radio. I looked up what the artist looked like at the red light by DI in provo- I was waiting to see a black girl child pop up on the image.... no it was Justin! And I loved him even more for dooping me with his angelic voice!
And over the years- I know fame hasn't always been the most graceful to my young star. But I still am a huge Belieber and I love him.
And thank you to Chase for supporting this dream of mine and watching the kids and not cringing too much at all the money thrown down for the ticket!
Oh I am reliving it all over again! What a night! And to be honest I've been paying for my partying ways bc I have been exhausted ever since.
Also- I wish I could post my snapchat story with all the videos up here but i don't think it's possible and it expired a week ago. Also I couldn't hear myself bc of all the noise but in my videos you could hear me loud and clear singing/ screaming along! No shame? Maybe a little in my vids.

With my sister-in-law Ciara and our friends, Sarah and Nate!

Fellow cousins waiting for the show!

And then we all put our names in a bowl with the radio station and Ciara won two more free tickets! She is one lucky charm when it comes to concert! So many times she has been a winner winner!
We sold them and we (aka Ciara) made out like a bandit.

Bumped into my other beloved sister-in-law waiting in line. 
This was the place to be!

Waiting and waiting and can hardly keep waiting!

Probably my favorite performance- there was a waterfall and some awesome dancing in the water and some shirtless action thus Sarah and Ciara couldn't stop screaming and I love this song. It was his grand finale and oh so grand!

His outfits were somewhat questioned by me but I still stand behind this artist! 
and I'm sure Grant and Taylor were happy I didn't drag them to this concert this time! 
They missed out!

I love that he actually dances, sings, plays the drums and the acoustic guitar, and I just love him! and proud to say I have from day one!

And the end of the concert! 
With hardly any vocal chords but huge smiles!!!
I can't wait for his next concert! I'll be there! 
But until then- I have his whole CD in my car and I'm jammin!!!

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