Saturday, May 14, 2016

Taylor, the Mechanical Engineer

My parents came in town for our beloved Taylor. He graduated with his bachelor's from BYU in ME. I am so impressed and proud of him. Good thing we have scholars like him that will keep our world convenient and progressing! What a tough major! And he's not done yet! On to his Master's at BYU in ME! A little more time with me in Utah :) And Grant will be home next month and coming to BYU so we're all pretty excited about the upcoming year. 
Had a nice sealing morning at the new PCC temple!

A little Cafe Rio for the graduate

On to Commencement! 

and of course the delicious India Palace for dinner! Eating like royalty over here!

Waiting for him to walk with his class the next day!

What a great weekend! 
With some family fun, games, and bonfires!

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