Monday, June 13, 2016

Sawyer, 8 months

Our little Sawyer man is turning 8 months this week!!

  1. He is FINALLY sleeping through the night. I know they say every baby is different, but why couldn’t all my kids sleep 14 hours straight by 2 months? Haha. The “crying” it out method was real this time. He was never screaming bloody murder but there was a whole week of sleepless nights as I sat outside his door for 12 hours as he learned to self-soothe.  The doc told me it would take three nights. 6 nights for little stinker man! Motherhood is no joke. But who cares about that rough week and the last rough 7 months….. he’s sleeping through the night. It’s been two full weeks so I count it! Sleep is my best friend! I could go on, but I’ll spare you.
  2. He weighs a whopping 19 lbs. The doctors are worried bc he’s dropping percentile but I couldn’t feed him more and he’s just lengthening like his sister did. He’s still the biggest 8 month old I know…. With the biggest head.
  3. He loves to jump…. Even when he’s not in his bouncer. He will try to jump in his bumbo, on your lap, in his exersaucer, in his wagon, etc.
  4. He loves Capri. LOVES her. She keeps him so entertained and vise versa. What a blessing.
  5. He loves the water. He was splashing and being so cute at Seven Peaks.
  6. He has finally learned to love his carseat bc he peers around the edge to watch Capri the whole car ride now.
  7. He is following Capri’s footsteps at being immobile. No crawling. He can roll but doesn’t see a need. No pulling himself up. He will sit for hours and play with whatever he can grab…….. Capri turned out fine so I’ll enjoy his predictability and safety for now!
  8. He doesn’t like the Whitney Houston song or this viral video….. and for good reason:
  9. He is the smiliest baby but it takes work to make him laugh
  10. He now has two teeth! The first came when we were in Brazil- what a blessing! Also, after Brazil, he has charmed many of the family that was once scared of his outbursts and temper and sleepless nights and it’s so great to see everyone fall in love with him as much as I always have!
I am so obsessed with this baby boy!

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