Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Jolly July

Been having a jolly time here this July! I've been working the whole month all day everyday (I normally work half my shifts with a co-worker but she quit and i was training someone new and what not!) That August paycheck is going to be MONEY! Anyways. Chase took Capri on a daddy-daughter date bc 10 hour days homebound were killing her and me :) It was so fun to hear both of them tell me about their date! My alma-mater! Chuck E. Cheese!

Then a sleepover and fun morning at T&T's another time! Haha

And more self entertainment! My crush on JB is still stronger, but hers is cuter!

And the way she is mimicking how I push her on a swing at the park is killing me...

Ciara got official wedding photos back and I'm obsessed! Hello 8*10 on my wall!!
Also had a girl's night with this babe this week. La Cai, snack run, and Diary of a Mad Black Woman! The best!

 And then this happened...... Chase kept pestering me if I had any inkling..... I feel that my outfit and make-upless face proves that I DID NOT. And the fact that I was training and a new move-in walked in at 5:55 and made me 30 minutes late to my own party. My friends got to know each other better while the normal girl who is so prompt and obsessed with being on-time was late!! I was feeling annoyed how much Chase was pressuring me to leave my storage facility.... "it's my job! i can't just leave" and little did I know..... Dreams come true!!
And Sawyer takes the cake with this video!
Poor guy!

The group pic I remembered to snag after 10 people left!

Chase wondered why Kelly never text him back. The morning of the party he went to text her and realized he had never sent his invite text..... what a good friend to come all the way with an hour drive on a three hour notice with all three of her kids. She's my bff for a reason! xoxox. Thanks to EVERYONE who came! And esp Chase for initiating it and ESP ESP Julie for executing it! It was an amazing night! 
The two party planners! Julie needs a thousand thank yous! THANK YOU!

 Then Sunday I had happened to plan a game night with half the people from my party! They're such good secret keepers and so sweet to come twice to my parties! Fun and laughs!

Well tomorrow is my actual birthday! So I'm stoked!
My parents are driving up from Texas right now and we have a Ross reunion this weekend! Bubble Ball next week! Hiking Timp! Anderson bbq! Singapore Reunion! Zions Schroedter Reunion! AKA a blast of fun the next two weeks!!
Happy birthday week to me :)

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Tim Mcgraw at the Stadium of Fire

Had a great weekend celebrating the fourth! It was my first time to Stadium of Fire and the fact that it was Tim McGraw singing couldn't have been better. I have a bucket list of three artist I want to see in my life and I've seen two of the three now! TSwift is my final need :) haha. Anyways. A big thanks to the newlywed couple for watching our kids while we acted like teenagers! 

Also, this month we hiked the Grotto. 

And work has been psycho with me working the workload of two and hiring/training someone new. But the end is in sight and all this change has been sooo stressful, but I have grown and am rejuvenated!  These kids help break up all the work and cause more work at the same time.
Chase had his last day at Chuck on the actual fourth (Monday), so we took care of Grandma Hanks and played at the park most of the day! Chase is starting a new job this month. Lots of changes. Why not all at once? You can't grow in your comfort zone. This month is getting excited! And my fam coming in town in less than two weeks will be a blast, too!

Ciara GOINS!

The Goins wedding went off without a hitch. I wish I took more pictures along the way but here's what I got :)
We enjoyed family before and after the big day. We also enjoyed the sealing, a luncheon, and the reception. And we are so glad all the hard work is over and paid off.
They've been married now almost two weeks and the married life is being good to them and they are cracking me up all ready. I'm so happy for them.
The happy couple with the bride's parents. & Ciara with her brothers!

The groom and then the bride with her bridesmaids. 

always my fav: the niece and nephew pic

She truly looks like a cherub angel.

Family pic #1

A group shot of the Andersons. The SLC can be so rushed bc of all the weddings. Better one at the reception. I can't wait for the professionals! This will be hanging on my wall in a few weeks :) 

Family pic #2 and my new obsession

Their reception was full of photo booth fun, giant games, dancing, the cutest pinterest decorations, rootbeer floats, swig cookies, and all the greatest wedding traditions!

and for the luncheon had gifts, toasts, a song by the sister-in-laws, delicious food, great company, and this song.... it was the best time!

Prior to the luncheon, we had to roast the pig we would be eating..... and when I say "we", I don't mean me at all..... I could barely look at the thing without freaking out. 
Wilbur had to be watched for 24 hours and I mean that. Chase took the 1 AM to 5 AM shift.... that was hilarious in itself. 

The creepiest part was when it soaked in the ice bath for the morning. Anytime I went in that bathroom and I forgot it was behind the curtain, I would jolt. 

Ready on the spicket!

Then that weekend, while the couple was off on their honeymoon we had family fun. Fourwheeling and AF canyon time! 

Welcome to married life, Nathan and Ciara!