Thursday, July 7, 2016

Ciara GOINS!

The Goins wedding went off without a hitch. I wish I took more pictures along the way but here's what I got :)
We enjoyed family before and after the big day. We also enjoyed the sealing, a luncheon, and the reception. And we are so glad all the hard work is over and paid off.
They've been married now almost two weeks and the married life is being good to them and they are cracking me up all ready. I'm so happy for them.
The happy couple with the bride's parents. & Ciara with her brothers!

The groom and then the bride with her bridesmaids. 

always my fav: the niece and nephew pic

She truly looks like a cherub angel.

Family pic #1

A group shot of the Andersons. The SLC can be so rushed bc of all the weddings. Better one at the reception. I can't wait for the professionals! This will be hanging on my wall in a few weeks :) 

Family pic #2 and my new obsession

Their reception was full of photo booth fun, giant games, dancing, the cutest pinterest decorations, rootbeer floats, swig cookies, and all the greatest wedding traditions!

and for the luncheon had gifts, toasts, a song by the sister-in-laws, delicious food, great company, and this song.... it was the best time!

Prior to the luncheon, we had to roast the pig we would be eating..... and when I say "we", I don't mean me at all..... I could barely look at the thing without freaking out. 
Wilbur had to be watched for 24 hours and I mean that. Chase took the 1 AM to 5 AM shift.... that was hilarious in itself. 

The creepiest part was when it soaked in the ice bath for the morning. Anytime I went in that bathroom and I forgot it was behind the curtain, I would jolt. 

Ready on the spicket!

Then that weekend, while the couple was off on their honeymoon we had family fun. Fourwheeling and AF canyon time! 

Welcome to married life, Nathan and Ciara!

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