Thursday, July 7, 2016

Tim Mcgraw at the Stadium of Fire

Had a great weekend celebrating the fourth! It was my first time to Stadium of Fire and the fact that it was Tim McGraw singing couldn't have been better. I have a bucket list of three artist I want to see in my life and I've seen two of the three now! TSwift is my final need :) haha. Anyways. A big thanks to the newlywed couple for watching our kids while we acted like teenagers! 

Also, this month we hiked the Grotto. 

And work has been psycho with me working the workload of two and hiring/training someone new. But the end is in sight and all this change has been sooo stressful, but I have grown and am rejuvenated!  These kids help break up all the work and cause more work at the same time.
Chase had his last day at Chuck on the actual fourth (Monday), so we took care of Grandma Hanks and played at the park most of the day! Chase is starting a new job this month. Lots of changes. Why not all at once? You can't grow in your comfort zone. This month is getting excited! And my fam coming in town in less than two weeks will be a blast, too!

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