Thursday, August 11, 2016

bday and reunions!!

It's been quite the last couple of weeks. I'm too tired to hash all the details. But i will hash all the photos. Voila!!
sweet flowers from my cousins, Lauryn and Dallin, for my bday. 
Haven't seen her since before Brazil........ but she's still as fragrant as ever. 

I did cause a little stink about them coming to Utah/Roosevelt on my bday but not seeing me. It was glorious! And my first time seeing Grant in two years!

Chase was happy too!
My parents rented a hotel and we had SOO much fun swimming. Wall ball in the pool, goofy, sharks and minnows, chicken fights, etc!!!

CRV, Odyssey, Pilot, Accord :)

Then my parents were off to the Ross family reunion. They took Capri a day early and we met up when we got off work the next day!  

 And my Uncle has a pet raccoon.... so there is that.
We went boating and played games and there was this amazing slide/rope swing place!

And last month this little man had his 9 month check-up. Biggest head around, average length, and too low on weight but he's a healthy boy!! 
He's finally crawling (aka scooting), can pull himself up, is okay at sleeping, has three teeth, got his first haircut, eats everything constantly, knows the word "no" and shakes his head when he has his opinions. He's our perfect boy!

Then some bubble ball fun! No injuries this time so that's good!

Had a bbq at my in-laws with my non-in-laws and the only pic I have to show for it. 

And the infamous TIMP hike..... no pics again. I was worrying about breathing and not dying.... my dad snapped what he could! 

And then a week in Zion's (aka Hurricane, UT) and we rented this house and it was a blast!!!!

walking to church in the southern utah heat..... not our best idea ;)

And now back in the valley! Having fun and soaking up the summer days!

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