Wednesday, August 24, 2016

End of Summer

Summer is pretty much over in our house bc dadd-io is back in school this week. His last year! April 2017 is gonna be surreal! We still have some fun weather activities planned but I didn't know what else to name this post so voila! Enjoy the random that is my life. 

Cute little sleeping bum and a post-carnival bath!

He officially learned to crawl last month! Aka scoot. His right shin has a callous from being drug around. Funny yet sad. Haha but what can you do!

A train ride with Aunt Ciara!!

We are loving our new co-worker and their whole fam! Sawy and Olivia are two months apart and adorable together. And Capri is the mother to both of them! Still trying to get her to stop picking them up, carrying them, endangering their life....

A cousin sleepover again!! These two kill me and Capri is always too close when sharing a bed!!

Went on a two hour walk the other day and had fun with daddy underdogging us!

Grant and Sawyer.... looking alike and also it helps me see Chase in the eyes. 

And other cute photos as I was trying to catch a gran look alike angle!

Sunday best. 
One MAJOR perk of Chase's new job: Sundays off! It's made a great difference in my life!

Playdate with Becca (not the coworker ;)!!) and her kiddos. Thought this would be a cute photo opp.... maybe next time!

And my sweet m-i-l watched my kiddos last night as we hit up SLC Seven peaks! I'm obsessed and want to go back again tonight.... I technically could but I'm tired from working and just got done mowing the lawn! My to-do list for the day is officially completed with this last sentence of the blog! Holla!

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