Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Tay's bday and Camping!!

I'm obsessed with these two. 
And Capri holding a Capri (sun) - ill probably post this 100 times in her lifetime. Sorry kiddo! I named you :)

Last week was this big guy's bday! We celebrated with games and cheesecake factory! YUM!

What a GREAT uncle! 

His happy face.... until mom didn't feed him fast enough. 
Hahaha he kills me below! 

A play date with Livvy and the kids! They really know how to destroy.

Had a primary class pizza/movie party at my house last Saturday. This other Olivia is also a real sweetheart. As soon as the priesthood sits down each Sunday after passing the sacrament, Capri always goes to sit quietly with Olivia. Life saver!

Also last weekend we went camping! Our first time (and probably last) this summer!! Be-UTAH-ful!

Nothing like eating dirt and wood chips!

They really embraced it!

And then I took Ciara to a colonoscopy yesterday (oh fun!) and Julie watched the kiddos. She's still recovering from surgery and Sawyer loved his new seat!!

And I'm trying this whole working out thing again. I've left denial and realized 6 AM is really the best time for a working mom to work out..... So there's that!
Well book club is tonight and dinner needs to get cookin! Over and out!

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