Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Capri is 3!!

Yesterday, was my beloved Capri's third birthday! The eve before her big day we had a cousin/bff celebration! We went to the park, liberty land, had food, and got icecream!! 

Love these goofballs and Capri is one lucky girl to have these clowns as her besties!

I took a lot of pics :) and was on my own for most of the day. Sawyer was twice as hard as the other four combined.... teething molars. He's an animal!!

Chase came for the food part.....

and the older two girls had to go home bc it was a school night. And Chantelle slept over! 
I had my normal 6 am work out and then drove to the Provo bakery...... for her bday donuts. I documented the oxymoron. 

This beauty!! She has been waiting to say she is "three" for months!

Presents!! Thank you so much to her grandparents, aunts, and uncles for all the love and spoiling!!

I'm particularly proud of this cake. It looks just like cakes my mom made me! Simple!! (and should have been delicious but I used icing that was over a year old.... Chase warned everyone it tasted like black licorice and it was a tragedy!) I love it when I realize how much I'm like my mom :) she raised me well that my kids are lucky to have that in their childhood, too!
and the only pet my kids will have (unless I have some kind of conversion).... a fish! "Rainbow" Anderson! Welcome to the fam!

I can't believe this sweetheart is 3! She is too smart for her own good! She's thoughtful, funny, courageous, and oh so cute!! 

And some vids: her happy bday song, her fav car song "girlfight", and her fav video to watch: our wedding video!! 

daily life

just documented some pics the other day of what life looks like as a storage unit fam.
i feel i may be done being an on-site manager a year from now and it is making me nostalgic. the last three years have been big years for our family and the storage unit memories are mixed in with them all. what an amazing opportunity and blessing this home and livelihood has been for us. maybe i'll be a bigger dog in the storage unit biz one day :)

a great date night just the two of us :)
kids, friends, and family are great on dates 
but being just the two of us was extra special and the perfect night!
Buffalo Wild Wings and mini golf!  

Then we were doing our usual toy decluttering.... we do this before christmas and birthdays it seems since we've had kids! and this time Capri made $22 in quarters (a few $1s) pretty much hahah from toys, water, and capri suns. We normally just take it all to DI but Capri was thrilled and it was a great learning opportunity for her! And she had her bday yesterday, so she's not short of toys whatsoever!
She was so cute waving at every car going by. All waved back. A few stopped! Every customer bought water. And many friends came over. It was a success and a memory in my mind forever. So cute!


and the babes loved the ice!! They were standing in puddles of ice and water and digging in ice, but never seemed to mind the freezing conditions. Cuties!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Girl's Weekend in Park City!!!

This was a weekend to remember. I have not had a girl's overnight since before I got married! And def before Capri was born. It will become a regular thing now bc it was worth $1,000 at therapy. Haha. Not that i need therapy! But seriously! 
I see these girls pretty often, but never without our kids running around being crazy and distracting us. To get back to the core of our friendship was incredible! I have learned so much from them over the past 10 years. How to have fun, learn, grow my testimony, laugh, forgive, be loyal, be a good wife, be a good mother, etc!! They are my favorites! 
So let's get to the pics: aka selfies everywhere!!
We shopped until Annie joined us at the Tanger Outlets!! 

Then had dinner at Squatters. Then to our condo for hot tubbin and swimming. 
Four girls hanging out.... it was weird to have guys flirt with us. That never happens to me when I have two kids on my hip or my giant husband towering over me. Haha. We just had to casually say, "Yeah our husbands are watching the kids weekend while we are having a girl's night." and they awkwardly made excuses to stop talking with us! Haha! It's weird to see the world from different perspectives like that! 

 Then we stayed up to the wee hours of the morning! Half of us had to pump! So we were still reminded of our motherhood duties! haha!!
 I love these girls SOOO much! i can't get over it. 
And I never smiled/laughed that much for 24 hours straight.

Kelly and I were on a pull-out couch and we def should have put the mattress on the floor bc sleep was impossible. We decided to force ourselves to stop talking and go to sleep at 4 am. Then a fire alarm running out of batteries beeped every 30 seconds at 4:30 AM until we checked out at 10 am...... so that's how our life goes. #FWP 

Then the next morning we hit up the alpine slide, yard sales, and had lunch!!

Trying to get a good pic on the lift was a challenge!!

The fall colors were breathtaking and I always feel like a movie star when I'm in PC! 

We raced! Kelly won! And Annie was dead last. She said she was taking in the sites..... sure ;)

Then we said our goodbyes and went back to our realities! I have been thinking about the girl's night non-stop and am changed for the better for this weekend!!

Glad every other night is spent with these two rascals and their dadd-io!!

Besides the fact that the lack of sleep caught up to me, it was perfect... and still not regrets :)
I am now sitting here with Grant and "we're doing laundry" aka I'm doing his laundry. I love having him at BYU. It's awesome. 
Not so awesome: I also have a splitting headache bc I spent almost 3 hours at the gym yesterday. The 7 pm Zumba was the best work out class I have been to and an absolute blast. Cody, Becca (neighbor), and I were jamming. The ab class was a joke- even my fittest self couldn't have done those acrobatic moves. 
And I have no idea why I have a migraine, but still worth it!! I'm guessing its the gym/ lack of sleep probs.
Chase told me to relax all day. I hope the office stays slow :) I cleaned my house and now I can just keep my children alive and shake this migraine (figuratively. def figuratively.) 
And my sweet neighbor/ co-worker Becca invited us over for dinner tonight so I don't even have to worry about that! A lot to be grateful for in this neck of the woods. Well i'm rambling and i need to turn my brain off! Wish me luck!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Chuck E. and Risk Wars

I am going on a girl's night retreat tonight with my BYU roommates and I can't wait! Annie, Kelly, Becca- let's party! My point is.... I wanted to catch up on blogging before then bc that will get its own post! All is going really well here! Getting back in to the groove of Chase in school and work and working out and all that was a bit of an adjustment- but it's been a couple weeks now and we are groovin!! Crazy how change of scheds and adjustments cause stress even when you know it's coming, have done it before, and think you are prepared. 
Anyways. This is already a hot mess ramble of a post. So let's catch up!
Last Saturday, had a little Risk and Chinese night!! Me and my boys! I did not win..... But I was 3rd so not smack dab in the middle! It was a great night. Downside: WAY to many bodily functions.... i tallied after the first 20 noises that first 30 minutes..... so the last two hours....58 farts and 17 burps. Yeah I know you wanted to know that. My house smelt for days I swear even with my pumpkin spice everything (candle, scentsy, spray, etc!)

With money and time tight these days, when we go out to eat, we choose Costco. Capri loves the double seated stroller. And we love that we are all full for only $6!! Vegetables are overrated anyways ;)
 and Capri's creeper smile is hilarious but still doesn't outshine that perfect Sawyer smile.
Always loving this guy!

And this poor soul. 3 hour church still destroys his nap routine!
I did enjoy a drive the other day in the middle of church with him snoozing. I was at my wits end but my drive was heavenly in the back roads of Utah and the beautiful Rocky's in my view.

And we FINALLY made it to Chuck E. Cheese. What does that mean? Well for about a month I've been trying to get Capri and Sawyer to sleep in their room together 8 to 8 without coming to my bed, throwing fits, or whatever. Sawyer "sleeps through the night" but he still has his moments and Capri surprisingly sleeps through it- however, she is so used to sleeping in our room on the floor since Sawyer's birth pretty much and then arguing at bedtime that she needs a drink, to pee, another kiss, etc....  that getting her to stay in her own room and quietly be in bed was a challenge. The joys of motherhood.We're out of the thick of it I believe, bc for TWO STRAIGHT WEEKS (minus one sleepover at aunt ciara's).... they have been PERFECT. It's a miracle and made such a difference in my own sleep! So Chuck E. Cheese it was. 
I made a arrow/chart thing and to tell a two year old she had to do 5 NIGHTS in a row was a difficult concept. She was impatient and tried to count every nap too! We eventually found an evening when Daddy could go with us with enough time before bedtime, but worth the wait! 

and the one ADORABLE pic i have from capri's sleep over and aunt ciara and uncle nathan's house. 
She LOVES all her aunts and uncles TONS and is a spoiled lil niece!

And I've still been rocking the work outs. It's not always pretty.... but I go hard and the pics still make me proud ;)
6 AM doesn't scare me anymore!! I hope I can keep this up and esp through my next pregnancy. Before Capri's pregnancy, I was always into working out daily and sometimes twice a day and being super active. It's time to put that first again! It's taken me three years.... so it's never too late to change habits.
I know I've blocked how sick I get during pregnancy but I think I can do it :) ..... and sleep deprivation with an infant is a time I don't put pressure on myself either, but like I said- sleep has returned to our home .....And NO I am not pregnant. And NOT planning on it soon. But I like to plan my life out years in advance. 

And this sweet video to leave you with a smile in your heart!!