Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Capri is 3!!

Yesterday, was my beloved Capri's third birthday! The eve before her big day we had a cousin/bff celebration! We went to the park, liberty land, had food, and got icecream!! 

Love these goofballs and Capri is one lucky girl to have these clowns as her besties!

I took a lot of pics :) and was on my own for most of the day. Sawyer was twice as hard as the other four combined.... teething molars. He's an animal!!

Chase came for the food part.....

and the older two girls had to go home bc it was a school night. And Chantelle slept over! 
I had my normal 6 am work out and then drove to the Provo bakery...... for her bday donuts. I documented the oxymoron. 

This beauty!! She has been waiting to say she is "three" for months!

Presents!! Thank you so much to her grandparents, aunts, and uncles for all the love and spoiling!!

I'm particularly proud of this cake. It looks just like cakes my mom made me! Simple!! (and should have been delicious but I used icing that was over a year old.... Chase warned everyone it tasted like black licorice and it was a tragedy!) I love it when I realize how much I'm like my mom :) she raised me well that my kids are lucky to have that in their childhood, too!
and the only pet my kids will have (unless I have some kind of conversion).... a fish! "Rainbow" Anderson! Welcome to the fam!

I can't believe this sweetheart is 3! She is too smart for her own good! She's thoughtful, funny, courageous, and oh so cute!! 

And some vids: her happy bday song, her fav car song "girlfight", and her fav video to watch: our wedding video!! 

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Kristy Grimm said...

CAPRI! Oh my goodness, I hope when I have a little girl she is half as cute, sweet, and sassy as Capri!