Friday, September 9, 2016

Chuck E. and Risk Wars

I am going on a girl's night retreat tonight with my BYU roommates and I can't wait! Annie, Kelly, Becca- let's party! My point is.... I wanted to catch up on blogging before then bc that will get its own post! All is going really well here! Getting back in to the groove of Chase in school and work and working out and all that was a bit of an adjustment- but it's been a couple weeks now and we are groovin!! Crazy how change of scheds and adjustments cause stress even when you know it's coming, have done it before, and think you are prepared. 
Anyways. This is already a hot mess ramble of a post. So let's catch up!
Last Saturday, had a little Risk and Chinese night!! Me and my boys! I did not win..... But I was 3rd so not smack dab in the middle! It was a great night. Downside: WAY to many bodily functions.... i tallied after the first 20 noises that first 30 minutes..... so the last two hours....58 farts and 17 burps. Yeah I know you wanted to know that. My house smelt for days I swear even with my pumpkin spice everything (candle, scentsy, spray, etc!)

With money and time tight these days, when we go out to eat, we choose Costco. Capri loves the double seated stroller. And we love that we are all full for only $6!! Vegetables are overrated anyways ;)
 and Capri's creeper smile is hilarious but still doesn't outshine that perfect Sawyer smile.
Always loving this guy!

And this poor soul. 3 hour church still destroys his nap routine!
I did enjoy a drive the other day in the middle of church with him snoozing. I was at my wits end but my drive was heavenly in the back roads of Utah and the beautiful Rocky's in my view.

And we FINALLY made it to Chuck E. Cheese. What does that mean? Well for about a month I've been trying to get Capri and Sawyer to sleep in their room together 8 to 8 without coming to my bed, throwing fits, or whatever. Sawyer "sleeps through the night" but he still has his moments and Capri surprisingly sleeps through it- however, she is so used to sleeping in our room on the floor since Sawyer's birth pretty much and then arguing at bedtime that she needs a drink, to pee, another kiss, etc....  that getting her to stay in her own room and quietly be in bed was a challenge. The joys of motherhood.We're out of the thick of it I believe, bc for TWO STRAIGHT WEEKS (minus one sleepover at aunt ciara's).... they have been PERFECT. It's a miracle and made such a difference in my own sleep! So Chuck E. Cheese it was. 
I made a arrow/chart thing and to tell a two year old she had to do 5 NIGHTS in a row was a difficult concept. She was impatient and tried to count every nap too! We eventually found an evening when Daddy could go with us with enough time before bedtime, but worth the wait! 

and the one ADORABLE pic i have from capri's sleep over and aunt ciara and uncle nathan's house. 
She LOVES all her aunts and uncles TONS and is a spoiled lil niece!

And I've still been rocking the work outs. It's not always pretty.... but I go hard and the pics still make me proud ;)
6 AM doesn't scare me anymore!! I hope I can keep this up and esp through my next pregnancy. Before Capri's pregnancy, I was always into working out daily and sometimes twice a day and being super active. It's time to put that first again! It's taken me three years.... so it's never too late to change habits.
I know I've blocked how sick I get during pregnancy but I think I can do it :) ..... and sleep deprivation with an infant is a time I don't put pressure on myself either, but like I said- sleep has returned to our home .....And NO I am not pregnant. And NOT planning on it soon. But I like to plan my life out years in advance. 

And this sweet video to leave you with a smile in your heart!! 

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