Wednesday, September 21, 2016

daily life

just documented some pics the other day of what life looks like as a storage unit fam.
i feel i may be done being an on-site manager a year from now and it is making me nostalgic. the last three years have been big years for our family and the storage unit memories are mixed in with them all. what an amazing opportunity and blessing this home and livelihood has been for us. maybe i'll be a bigger dog in the storage unit biz one day :)

a great date night just the two of us :)
kids, friends, and family are great on dates 
but being just the two of us was extra special and the perfect night!
Buffalo Wild Wings and mini golf!  

Then we were doing our usual toy decluttering.... we do this before christmas and birthdays it seems since we've had kids! and this time Capri made $22 in quarters (a few $1s) pretty much hahah from toys, water, and capri suns. We normally just take it all to DI but Capri was thrilled and it was a great learning opportunity for her! And she had her bday yesterday, so she's not short of toys whatsoever!
She was so cute waving at every car going by. All waved back. A few stopped! Every customer bought water. And many friends came over. It was a success and a memory in my mind forever. So cute!


and the babes loved the ice!! They were standing in puddles of ice and water and digging in ice, but never seemed to mind the freezing conditions. Cuties!

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