Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Our overnight weekend

We had a lovely evening together just the two of us last Friday! Our mamma Julie watched the kiddos (which they slept like angels so what a blessing!), as I surprised Chase with a fun overnight date planned! We had some dinner, went to Cornbelly's, went to the movies, and back to our Marriot! It was sublime. It's Chase's bday this month and this was his big present hoopla for his bday! He'll be super busy with AEP (Annual Enrollment Period) with his insurance job from mid-October to mid-December, so it's nice to have this in our memories as he is MIA for AEP :)

Then we picked up the kids in the morning and I ended up bringing two of my nieces home with me until our family Cornbelly event that night! I had all four kids sleeping at once! Chase was at work! It was such a nice planets aligning moment!

Our kid Cornbelly night pics to follow. I will never go on a Saturday again with kids. It was mayhem! But probably good for me since I'm going to Disney next week and need to be ready for kid chaos! It was still a blast with some of my fav people!  

P.S. I've never been to Disney Land (just World) and I'm stoked. And it worked out well since my parents will be in LA for a couple days too (for my grandfather's funeral- so not the best circumstance, but I'm glad I can be with them for that, too.)

And yesterday, I had my weekly zumba class with Cody! I am obsessed with our instructor, Marques, and we were there early. I snagged a pic. Cody was horrified, but I have no shame! This class really is a highlight of my week! I love to dance and have that hour to myself!

A cut bath bum pic just because.... these poor kids have a mother with a serious fear of them drowning so their water level is pitiful!! They don't mind! And I just add warmer water as their bath gets longer!! I have been sitting on the ground right next to the tub and Capri has still inhaled water and freaked me out multiple times!!

And I just love this screenshot. Some of my fav people that I call on the daily. I updated their pics so I documented it. Support, good looks, and love all wrapped up in one! 
Until next time. Adios!

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Kelly said...

Disneyland is the best!! Capri will love it! You will love it!!