Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Since Vegas

It's been a crazy last couple weeks here since Capri's birthday. We went to Vegas to visit our brother and sister-in-law and nephew, Cory, Jessica, and Preston! 
We have been having halloween fun! 
I was able to go to the temple with my gf!
I've been working out. 
General Conference and other shenanigans! 
Even with all this fun, family time, and love, it has also been one of the hardest times of my life. More on that later I'm sure! Conference came at the perfect time!
My fav messages from conference:

This was the car ride home from Vegas actually. I was 3/4 of a mile from my exit to get gas when we ran out of gas..... Thank goodness for Uber and being in St. George. Ciara was not happy.... the kids were quite good actually! 

at an old western town outside of Vegas. The kids were a part of skits, there was a petting zoo, they became deputy sherrifs, we had lunch, took a train ride, and walked around a turtle pond!

Cory had to work a lot but we snuck a pic of him. We're grateful for their hospitality and our friendship and family!

We took the kids to the strip for the first time. Capri LOVED the mnm factory. Obvi!

Reenacting the hangover 2 movie cover. Inappropriate.

we also tried to take fam pics up at Cascade Springs. The weather hated us and our photographer had to turn around and I was seriously depressed over it. The kids were asleep after hours of driving and waiting and Chase knew how upset I was and how much time it took to get me and the kids ready and the outfits and all those FWPs so he pulled over and he snapped these pics. That little sweetie. 

Had an amazing time at Oquirrh Temple last week with Becca. It was heaven on earth. 
I had never seen it so packed. Apparently SoJo is closed for reconstruction and Draper is only open Friday and Saturdays. The time waiting was still much needed!

Just chilling on one of our walks Conference weekend. I'm pretty sure he's yawning.... otherwise he's catching a lot of bugs. 

She drew Uncle Nathan and Aunt Ciara. It was a hilarious moment!! She drew Uncle Nathan's mustache for about five minutes which cracked me up bc we are always trying to get him to shave that thing and when I say we i mean ciara :)

Play date every day with our neighbor Olivia!

Then we went to Jaker's again this year. $2 for this little slice of heaven. We love it there, the price, the no crowds, and this time of year! 


Capri.... hahaha I'm dead....

And my work out accountability. It has been almost 2 months straight and I have skipped two of my scheduled days. One of them was actually TODAY for my 6 am session this morning! i went to zumba last night and to wake up and go back 10 hours later.... my body was tired... and i'm exhausted for all kinds of reason that i'll tell later and i have excuses okay! Haha. But I'll keep getting at it! 


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Kristy Grimm said...

Love it! You guys look great in your fall pics even if the kids were asleep. And I miss you and Becca and our "book club" should tell me which books you are reading! Love you, miss you.