Monday, November 28, 2016

California: 1st time to Disney Land

I'm sorry these are so rushed. But I've been procrastinating too long and just want them posted!!

I went to CA with my in-laws. It was great fun and a lot of chaos at the same time.

The highlights

  • Fun time in Vegas
  • My paternal grandfather's funeral
  • Beach day
  • Dave and Capri bust their heads open but Dr. Cory saves the day (today Capri was being crazy in the shopping cart- I told her to stop or she'll get hurt. She said, "If i get hurt, Dr. Cory will stitch me up." HAHAH)
  • Chase flew in for half the week
  • Disney - Mickey's Haunted Halloween Party
  • Universal Studios - Walking Dead Scary night (just the adults- grandparents and grandkids day benefited us all)
  • Food poisoning attacks half of us (not the baby in a diaper luckily!)
  • Another beach day
  • More Vegas fun
  • Home

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