Monday, November 28, 2016

Sawyer's 1st Birthday

I haven't blogged in over a month. For good reason. It's ironic that on Sawyer's bday I posted what a great year I've had. I still have so much to be grateful for, but since then- my world has turned upside down. So get ready for a blog post overload. For now- let's praise this little man!!

  • Sawyer is the sweetest and greatest smiling babe!!
  • He has a temper like you wouldn't believe- he can switch on a dime and his vocal chords work well!
  • He can walk over 20 steps on his own but still prefers crawling. He's SOO close.
  • He is adored by his sister. 
  • His favorite person (aka it's tied) has to be Grandma Julie or his cousin Millie. He reaches, whines, and wants them all the time when they are around. 
  • He is blonde, brown-eyed, 30th percentile in everything but his ginormous head (don't tell his dad- he will be furious with me if he's not 6 feet when he's grown haha).
  • He is a total boy with being much more mischievous and causing trouble.
  • He has 8 teeth and the best, biggest smile I've ever seen. It's cartoon like.
  • He is a good sleeper- but very light and if he wakes up and I baby him at 1:12 am.... he will wake up the next night at 1:12 on the dot again. He is easily on and off schedule. I've probably sleep trained him over 15 times bc of vacations or schedules disrupted. He's a gem but at least after 2 nights of sleep training he's back to his 8 to 8 nights and 3 hour day nap! (I really care about sleep. Hence it's the longest bullet)
  • He loves to say "no, no, no" and "uh-oh" when I trying to teach him to stop or do something better instead
  • He LOVES food. If he all of a sudden starts howling... I promise you he has spotted food and it's out of his reach. He is crazy for the stuff. A true Anderson. Yet still in the 30th percentile. All I do is pump that kid full of food. 
  • He's done with pacis. That's 2 for 2 by one. What a blessing. 
  • He still doesn't love his carseat but he's getting better
  • He in entranced whenever a kid show is on the TV. Poor second children get so much more screen time. Well at least in my fam they do. 
  • We love our little man!

We went to the Hogle Boo Lights for his bday (Chase won the tickets on the radio- holla!!)

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