Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving and Random moments!

I started this new cleaning system with Capri (and Millie- she didn't really need help) and it's been a dream. I took pictures of individual toys, shelves, and corners of the room when it was spotless. Printed them off. Put them in an envelope. When it was time to clean Capri's room, we would get the envelope, look at each picture, and see if that part of the room looked like the picture- if not we cleaned it. It helped her not get overwhelmed with a mess of a room and be a great cleaner!

We are in the process of moving now so I can't wait to do it again in her new room. 
We have received an amazing new job opportunity to start a new storage facility company in Lindon and will be helping the facility get up and running. It is a career move for us because there is potential to be owners, regional managers, and big dogs in the storage business- which is what we've been dying for ever since we became accustomed to this industry! 
Anywho- our new facility/apartment on-site is supposed to be inspected by the city tomorrow- so hopefully we'll be moving in Wednesday! 
Thanks to my fabulous in-laws for letting our loud fam crash here since Friday!


Compassionate little brother

Sunday best

Fall is officially over as we have had a couple good snowfalls. And I miss this co-worker relationship so much already! It's been less than a week. One of the best!
Voting this year was a nightmare..... not really worth it, but I'm still glad I did my citizen's duty.

One of the last nights in our old place.... somehow this happened. 
Haha Millie looks comfy. Capri looks cold and out of place. 

Our new empty office- showing the fam

Post-thanksgiving fun at the uncle steve's and aunt jeanna's. xoxo

And we had a happy Thanksgiving with my fam. I'll be seeing them in 3 weeks for Christmas in their neck of the woods so I was okay with saying goodbye this time :) They came up for Taylor and are just the sweetest. And the timing with some tasks for Garrett and helping me move was just a perk. They are the best parents and I just love 'em to pieces. 

On actual Thanksgiving day, I spent my time with the other best parents- Dave and Julie. So much to be grateful for. Always. the only pic from that shindig. 

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