Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Time

We've had a great season so far. I am not decorating my house. I just barely got unpacked. I have a binder of song/story daily info and a countdown to Christmas. Otherwise, we're kind of scrooging. I'm leaving for Texas next week and just unpacking was a feat in itself. But besides the home decor, we have been out and about in this winter wonderland!

We went to the Festival of Trees (my first time) and I loved it :)

Both kids did great with Santa this year. I can't believe it. 
And Capri has asked Santa twice for a lollipop for Christmas. 
What an easy kid I have!

A snow day for these two precious kitties. 

Many people helped us move and unpack! Thanks, Tii!
And Grant, Dave, Kmann, Ciara, Nathan, Julie, Becca, and others. Chase and I are so grateful.

Racquetball Fridays still stand!

Then a trip to temple square for the lights is always a winner!! We went with Cody, Ashley, Clark, and Maddie. Then Ciara, Nathan, Bryton, Bri, and Autumn met up with us! I love my square! 
I've had many spiritual experiences there, but there with this crew and esp Millie with Garrett's recent passing- may have surpassed them all. It was a trip to the square I will never forget. I'm making sure to write it all down in a more personal setting to remember forever.
What a blessing to the see the gospel have a deeper meaning in my life and have the reality of the truth bless my life more than ever. Holidays with missing loved ones is a real thing, but so is Jesus Christ, his birth, his death, his resurrection, and gospel! 

Then later that week, we were stoked to go with Cody and his date to see the Christmas Concert on T-square with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Rolando Villaz√≥n.

Then last Sunday I was able to go to our new ward for the second week and we loved it. Millie is loving Primary, and I can't believe Capri will be a sunbeam in a few short weeks. And Sawyer is still too far away from nursery...4 months. Church will be a struggle until then. We're up for the challenge. Ha! 

Well Christmas season is in full swing and we are loving all the fun, spirit of Christ, and family time! There's some depression sneaking in, but with family, the scriptures, prayer, and people answering God's prayers- it will be a Christmas I never forget. I am so blessed for people reaching out. Some with spiritual promptings- those have blessed my lives beyond belief at the perfect moment when sadness was overwhelming me- and two random citizens threw cash at me and ran off. I must look a hot mess with these three kids by myself (once at chick-fil-a and once at walmart)- since on two different days, people have handed me cash and I tried to give it back but they insisted. Haha! What a blessing. (p.s. miracles of paying your tithing? maybe!)

Lots coming up. Chase's last final is today. Hopefully our new facility is finished this year. Anderson family party. Hanks family party. Texas. and much more! Merry Christmas!