Saturday, December 16, 2017

Christmas Bells are Ringing

Had a fun night with the in-laws and Grant at "Hidden Chambers" playing get-out games. We did not make it in time. We had 10 seconds left and were so close but we didn't make it in the 60 minutes. It was so fun, so I'm planning another one when my parents come in to town! And even though we didn't win, I call it a victory bc I didn't need to throw up in the trash the whole 60 minutes! 

Then the Hanks family Christmas party. This was about 1/6 of the crew. And our first party without dear Grandma Hanks. I hosted "Wheel of Fortune" and other games. We had a white elephant swap and saran wrap ball. Delicious food and family!

Another shenanigan by my girl. I made her get out asap when her coat got caught under the wheels and I foresaw her hand getting rolled off. 

A fun FHE by me this time :) They each had a nativity scene and we reenacted the birth of Jesus. Then we went to Riverwoods- which gets better and better every year. A free train ride, a free (awesome) Santa, pizza at Mawali's, s'mores by the fire, and beautiful lights! 


And then the daily homework grind! Love these littles. 

Went to the dentist the other day (nauseous pregnant woman's nightmare) but Bec watched my kids and sent me this gem. I'm dying over the cuteness. 

"Tell me when the scary part is over" -Millie said to Capri (they were watching the new Beauty and the Beast when Belle trespasses in the West Wing) hahahah.

And last night, we enjoyed the Christmas Concert with Sutton Foster and Hugh Bonneville. 
Loving all these Christmas activities! 
And that we find out the gender of this little strong baby Monday at 7 am! And that my Texas fam comes into town this Wednesday! YAY!!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Christmas Activities

Last week we went to the festival of trees. It was beautiful and as always, great and crowded. It was a little too much for me (most evening activities are these days) but I'm glad I pushed myself and went. 

Finished this book and "The Christmas Box Miracle" for book club this month. Put me in a great Christmas spirit and has given me a lot to reflect on.

Went to the Christmas devotional with this crew. 
The girl next to Grant is Kaitlyn's sister, Kenzie, and no she's not dating Grant- but I love to tease and pretend with them. They're sarcastic bffs so it's fine! 

Then we went to the Jazz game with this crew! The Jazz destroyed the Washington Wizards. (Once again- another evening activity that almost pushed me over the edge. But i survived and had fun.) 

And a baby bump pic.
I had a little break down on this day- I think I threw up 15 times this day. I just can't believe I'm 15 weeks and barfing like I'm barfing. It really makes me think that it's going to be the whole 40 weeks and I need to just take one day at a time and not over think the long months ahead. 
And yesterday I only barfed twice so there are good days in between! On a happier note- we find out if she's a she or he's a he in 8 days. Then once I KNOW it's a girl- I can start blaming her for real. 

Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the Titanic released. And of course Cody wanted to celebrate. I hadn't seen it in forever and I was touched! We had pizza, cookies, and good company. 
The kids enjoyed Toy Story 2 and 3 (ha that's how long Titanic is) and I'm glad bc they're getting that for Christmas so now they'll be even more excited. Found these on my phone this morning. Classic. 

And Zoey, the elf on the shelf, has been making Capri (and Sawyer I suppose)'s mornings. Capri is so stoked every morning. i already missed last night but luckily capri slept in and I woke up at 7 am and hurry and moved zoey! We're loving the elf so far (hmmm, Kelly - key word "so far" hahahah). Ok well I'm working this Saturday and better get caught up on my netflix haha. Already done 2 uhauls and it's only 9:02 am!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Thanksgiving and More

Chase and I have been more diligent at the family scripture study, prayer, and fhe. One way we have been rocking FHE is to make it a competition. I know I know- hold your judgment. So Chase will plan one and then me and then him. And we just try to have the most amazing FHE. He's winning. 
This one FHE we went to the spot Chase proposed, talked about our last almost 6 years of marriage and 8 years of dating, tried to find a time capsule we buried, let the kids play at the park, and then visited Grandma and Grandpa Hank's grave around the corner. I was in love the whole night (well every night- but esp that night.) 

Sometimes I'm stupid- I am always volunteering for too much. This particular morning I decided to watch the office and Autumn while Chase and Bryton were paid to help a customer move. It worked out fine but I was a barfing train wreck. Good thing Autumn is perfect and my kids are helpful. 

Then two weeks ago this little bud had a baby surgery to put tubes in his ears. We'll see if it helps with his ear infections, speech, behavior, sleep. etc!
Grumpy after anesthesia! and HUNGRY since he couldn't eat all morning (He spent 6 AM- 7 AM at the pantry at home begging for food. My heart broke, and to show unity I didn't eat either (so I was barfing HA!) )
But his sister cheered him up real quick and I whipped out those snacks as soon as he was awake!

Official social media announcement. Creativity win.  

And then it was off to Vegas for Thanksgiving weekend. We barely passed Payson when we had to pull over and put Capri in time out. We wouldn't let them watch a DVD at first bc we wanted them to nap- she really couldn't handle that. So voila. She was an angel the rest of the trip, and fell asleep right after her time out from all of her fit-throwing. She kept screaming for the cars to stop looking at her as she sat on the side of the road! HA! 

We let the kids sleep like this at night at Cory's. It was actually quite pleasant. I was nervous.

Thanksgiving feast with Dave, Julie, Grandma Joyce, Cory, Jessica, Preston, and US!

Then a little trip to the strip, Bellagio fountain show, Freemon, Tacos El Gordo, and home to play risk!

The line for the best tacos in Vegas

The first out in risk!

And the next morning as I'm getting us all ready for church. PERFECT! Second time this has every happened to me. BLEGH!

Now home and ready for this Christmas season! Elf on the Shelf is coming in the mail today and I'm stoked! 

And Capri had the honor of helping Chase put the star on the tree. Sawyer just wanted a pic.  
And i've been watching Millie after school until Kristi is off work around 6:30. I love working on homework with both girls and see them learning! Then they play the rest of the day and the TV is never on anymore. It's a win win win!

I started potty training Sawyer on Monday. It was going great. He had two pee accidents the whole three days (i was so impressed!), but poop just wasn't clicking. He would squeeze out tiny poops on the toilet but never come to me for the big kahunas. And I'm too pregnant and sick and bleh so I'll work on the poop with the diaper on and give it another go later. He's still young but I was hoping to do it now, otherwise he'll be three when I really try again bc I'll wait till the baby is born and he's used to their presence. We'll try one more time in a couple weeks and then I'll just wait till next August!
And some #13week baby bump pics. I have to explain to Capri all the time that the baby is the size of  a lime and that's just yummy food that makes my belly big hahaha. And if you wanna see Chase flip out- come over when he's taking my photo and I keep lecturing him to take a pic and notice/avoid my double chin! Poor guy. He's such a trooper though!

Alright well- I'm glad I am caught up and must go throw up now. Adios!