Friday, January 27, 2017

Cold Days

Life is moving here in the Anderson home. Our new facility is still not customer ready, but A LOT of work has been happening. 10 hour days and working like mad. Gate system, insurance, city inspection, fire marshalls, packing products, security cameras, cement trucks, roofing, post office approval, and the list goes on and on. 
It's crazy how my last three years of working for a storage facility has set me up for this job. But the growth is still intense. I am a real career woman with my kids tagging along everywhere these days. It's weird and we have seen the Lord bless us with miracles and awesome opportunities this past year! 
Chase is still doing school, his insurance job, and this job. I am doing the full-time stay-at-home parent and this storage job. Chase graduates in April and life will be a little easier..... until this storage unit company grows or our family grows or both!! 
Life is amazing and Chase and I are in awe at all the abundance and blessings we see. Okay anyways. I never really talk about my work on here, but that's what 80% of my day consists of so I wanted to catch y'all up. 
Now to the most important part of my life- family! 

We had a fun family date to Top Golf a couple weeks back. Grant invited one of his Christmas dates (see Christmas post if you missed that) and Haley was lovely. And I'm so proud of Grant for dating and doing his thing. Then to Black Bear Diner for lunch :) 

This winter has been a blizzard. But whenever the weather is above 35 we go to the park.... we're true Utahns. Sawyer and Capri love it- but Capri sat on Sawyer's hand when I snapped this pic so there's that.

I have been really worried about Capri's hair this past year. Shallow but true. The front part of her hair was half the length as the back and breaking all the time. I switched to special shampoo, I talked to the doctor about her fragile hair, and all to no avail. Then I realized the problem...... her baby brother. He yanks her hair everyday and gets 20 strands or more each time!

Me: "Capri, stop letting Sawyer rip your hair!"
Capri: "Oh, Mom! He's just a baby!"
Me: "Capri! I told you that when he was first born, but you need to protect your hair. You want long hair like Millie or do you want to be bald?"
That's how our conversation goes, but she's just so sweet to let her brother rip her hair out. She doesn't even whimper..... but we've been getting better. And I cut bangs specifically so when her hair is a ponytail, Sawyer can't grab it as firmly...... and it's getting better, but still! These two best buds are too kind sometimes!

And Sawyer has been put in time out for this first time this week 3 times. Once for pulling Olivia's hair and twice for pulling mine. I verbally warn him three or four times and he shakes his head and says "No! No! No!", smiles, and then proceeds to pull hair again.
So he sits next to me, I cross his arms, and count to 10..... and tell him he's in time out. He hates it and screams and squirms, but it seems to be helping. And Capri leaves the room crying (literally crying), "Mom! Stop putting my baby brother in time out. He's just a baby!" Hahaha. They totally team up against me!
Capri's new do!

Their Sunday best!
Sunbeams is smooth sailing now! We have the cutest 8 kids (Capri being one of them!) And the Primary Presidency really wanted Sawyer in nursery early bc the Sunbeams can't handle him with us. And I was nervous but he transitioned and loves nursery already. I can't believe it! What a blessing!

My crew!

Their favorite book. It's so cute how Sawyer shouts, "POP! OH NO!" 
And this book helps Capri count objects.
Recorded it for family records!

A weekend game night!
Becca became my ally, and I won Risk! We won Risk! 
It was epic! Eat it, boys!!
And we played, "Cover your Assets". One of my new fav games now!

A snow day Saturday!!

I have been reading this book the past four months and I HIGHLY recommend it. 
It has reiterated what a humble, strong, loving marriage can be! I've loved it and have loved applying it already. 
Kerri recommended it to Becca who recommended it to me and I recommend it to all of you :) 
Now I'm on to a child-rearing book so I'll let you know how that one is, too. I love to read the scriptures, a self-help book, and a leisure book everyday. It's not always clockwork, but it's my thing :)

I was notified last week on fbook that 7 years ago this big guy entered the MTC. What a great, vivid memory and two years!

A fun girl's dinner with Julie and Ciara and Capri..... and Sawyer. 
Love fam time!
My son is a little bipolar and CUTE!

And to end with a fun play date I had this week. Even though a kid mauled our babies and was out of control. 
A risk we always take going to play places in the winter!
So grateful for Becca and her friendship. She keeps me strong as a mother, wife, and storage unit chick!! 

The Anderson house will keep on treading and maybe my next blog post will have good news about the facility being ready for actual customers and real office hours! We're SOOO close!!

Have a great week and don't freeze out there (if you're in Utah) or be too jealous (if you're laughing at us someplace warmer!)

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Settling Back In Utah

My four 2017 goals: 
1. Live a slower paced life- I know that's silly to some but my to-do lists, social circles, and life has been too busy lately. P.S. this post does not show a slower paced life........ but I'll get better. 

2. Healthy life (there is a specific weight number but i'll keep that to myself). Transformation coming in 6 months. I'm addicted to sugar... i probably eat 1000 calories alone in sugary snacks a day so I cut dessert cold turkey to help me and i'll ease back into sugar in may.... it's been 9 days and it's been weird. longest i've ever gone without a sweet snack! I miss you, chocolate. I hope we can meet again in moderation someday. 

3. Spiritual goals of daily/weekly improvements: i.e. specifics are for me

4. Serve. Serve. Serve. 

Now.... my last week.........
Movie date night with the sibs.

The most epic game night. Fav to date perhaps! J&K were in town from Germany so we tried to honor them with a fantastic game night! 6 people left and I REMEMBERED to take a pic! Holla!

A friendship in full circle. These two are some of my closest friends in different chapters!! Love them! And that photobombing fool :) And that child pretending to sleep.

Chase and I had our first experience teaching sunbeams last week. I have taught 4-5 year olds so I thought I had it in the bag. Little did i know that sunbeams on the second week in January was SOO different. I have my work cut out for me. 2 girls 6 boys! Zoo wee mamma. 
And I spent the first hour of church in the mother's lounge with my vocal one year old being wild..... and we loved hearing Chase's voice in the speaker bearing his testimony. 

I hope he enjoyed the chapel by himself.... I'm sure I will next week while he enjoys sacrament in the hall. Sawyer is a different breed of child. We will get it together one Sunday :)

These two helped me out so much yesterday by playing for hours. I tried to get my phone out to get some of their laughing battles but to no avail. Still cute and a lovely memory. Getting caught up on the house, laundry, and office while they play so well together! I love how Sawyer falls to the ground or lays down when he is avoiding Capri's manhandling. Cuties!

Christmas 2016 in Texas

We had a great Christmas this year. It was perfect timing to be spending Christmas with the Schroedter fam this year after our crazy 2016. I loved all the games, late night chats, walks, daily tasks, lunch with friends, game nights with friends, and sports! I miss them so much already.
We missed the Louds- but I'm going to London to see them in 5 weeks so I'll survive! I can't wait! My mom and I are going to Europe just the two of us to see Shelby and her fam. How spoiled! Anyways. Back to Christmas. 

We took this Christmas morning. Everyone was thrilled when I insisted. I had to post it even though I wish I could crop myself out. Haha. 
All I see when I look at this pic is my tortured mom and my overwhelming husband. Ha!

Capri was loving Santa this year. And I told her the story of the birth of our Savior over 100 times, and would ask her questions...... and hopefully she'll remember the real meaning of Chrsitmas better next Christmas! #threeyearold

What is this a pic of you ask? Just the best sibling gift EVER!! I had Grant this year and I kept telling him I had the best gift for him. He jokingly said Christmas Eve, "Good luck getting me what I want. All I want for Christmas this year is a girlfriend." HAHAHA little did he know. You see, Grant has had it rough in my opinion the last six month. He gets home from his mission, one of the greatest experiences of his life on such a high, comes home ready to conquer his dreams....... and his whole world is turned upside down one second later. His best friend, Taylor, was going through hell and he lost one of his other closest friends when she peaced out. He has been by Taylor's side since August and then with Garrett passing, he couldn't be his normal social dating machine...... so I wanted to help him out and put his best foot forward in 2017. 
Chase and I went to the University Mall and interviewed lots of young ladies. I probably talked with and approached 20 different girls Grant's age. Half were married..... classic. About 5 others had boyfriends. A couple more were too shy for my taste (haha). And then I found my girls...... I told them, "I have my brother for Christmas this year and I wanted to set him up on dates. Would you go out with him?" And I whipped out pics of him and told them about him. I found 3 beautiful ladies that I super loved and I interviewed them further. A full 20 question survey, took their photo, and told them they could expect his call. Chase helped, too!! He needs credit. And controlling 3 children in the mall for 3 hours wasn't easy! 
I then went out and bought $50 worth of gift cards for these dates. 
I didn't know how Grant would take it. Would he be embarrassed? Think it was lame? Be horrified?...... NOPE! He loved it!! And has been contacting and has dates already set up since he's been in Utah and I'm so proud! HAHAHA. #sisterwin

A shadowbox, Julie and I made for my parents. Christmas was more joyful than I thought it was going to be with Garrett not here. I loved being with my family and healing more together.

The Rechners gave Capri and Millie this gingerbread house to assemble. She's one proud girl! I was napping while Grandma and Grandpa did this with her! Win win!

One of many trips to the park! 

We had a trip with five of us to downtown Houston. We had fun exploring and spending time together. The water wall, downtown tunnels, and my first trip to Bucee's was a hit!
We then met up with the fam at Galveston- where my mom booked a three day condo on the beach for all of us! AMAZING!

 Galveston was filled with family, games, beach, mini golf, go karting, pier walks, beach walks, schlitterbahn, pool time, hot tub time, eating out, and eating in!!

We had a great NYE with the Fairwells and then it was time to take Chase to the airport after church on New Year's Day......after I taught Relief Society- I'm actually grateful for my 6 years in Primary and still going strong- teaching adult women was terrifying. I felt the Spirit and everyone said it went well, so I'll take their word for it :) 
Some hugs goodbye.... I don't know why I was hugging everyone- I was coming back after dropping Chase off. 

A couple more days of fun and love! My parents were so generous, loving, and patient with all of us- a house full of that many people and children is not what they're used to anymore. I'm so grateful to have so many places that I can call home. 

My first time at Top Golf blew my mind! SO FUN! Can't wait to go back.

Always playing sports with these brothers, even though they are 500 times better than me! 
Spikeball, Volltensocpong, Tennis, Soccer, Kickball, Ultimate Frisbee, Four Square, Basketball, The list goes on!

And the flight home. Oh how flying with 2 kids alone terrifies me. The first hour home was pure hell. Both kids screaming (LOUD) and uncontrollable. All the skipped naps, late nights, and family time was catching up to them.

And then I was THE MOST GRATEFUL mother on the planet when the last 2 hours they both knocked out until we landed!!! A true miracle bc my kids don't fall asleep on people.... they need to be alone in their beds.... the one downside to sleep training..... are the plan rides. WELL NOT TODAY. I couldn't believe it! WHAT A BLESSING never was more true.
A blessed Christmas indeed and I loved being in Texas with the Schroedters <3 p="">

Hanks Family Party + more

This year my beloved mother-in-law had knee surgery on both knees...... a month apart. She was bushed! She always throws the Hanks family Christmas Party, but we knew she shouldn't this year. So Cody and I decided to host the party. We were going to have it at a church, but Julie couldn't help herself and had to have it at her house. We still did all the planning and set up and hosting and I like to think she did nothing but enjoy her party- but it's not in her nature to give up total control and overworking habits.... sounds like someone I know...... ANYWAYS. we still hosted and it was great. Julie said it was the first time in 25 years she's been able to sit, eat, play the games, and enjoy her family's side Christmas party. So Cody and I will be doing this every year to say the least. It was fun and I've always loved the Hank Christmas party!! 
Thanks Grandma Hanks for being our leader!!

The hosts:

Such fun with great food, saran wrap game, family feud, family questionnaire, white elephant, santa, and so much more!! Love my family <3 p="">

Santa was a big hit. Sawyer didn't think so.

What a magical time of year!

And Chase and I were able to squeeze in a session. With our new place in Lindon, we're in the Mt. Timp boundaries and it's been amazing. The temple was such a great place to spend time with my number one. Such a calming place away from our chaotic life- new place, new job, new callings, new obstacles that we embrace! The temple has been such an emotional place lately bc of the last couple months, but I'm grateful the veil for this life and the afterlife can be so thin at times. So grateful to visit the Lord's house.