Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Christmas 2016 in Texas

We had a great Christmas this year. It was perfect timing to be spending Christmas with the Schroedter fam this year after our crazy 2016. I loved all the games, late night chats, walks, daily tasks, lunch with friends, game nights with friends, and sports! I miss them so much already.
We missed the Louds- but I'm going to London to see them in 5 weeks so I'll survive! I can't wait! My mom and I are going to Europe just the two of us to see Shelby and her fam. How spoiled! Anyways. Back to Christmas. 

We took this Christmas morning. Everyone was thrilled when I insisted. I had to post it even though I wish I could crop myself out. Haha. 
All I see when I look at this pic is my tortured mom and my overwhelming husband. Ha!

Capri was loving Santa this year. And I told her the story of the birth of our Savior over 100 times, and would ask her questions...... and hopefully she'll remember the real meaning of Chrsitmas better next Christmas! #threeyearold

What is this a pic of you ask? Just the best sibling gift EVER!! I had Grant this year and I kept telling him I had the best gift for him. He jokingly said Christmas Eve, "Good luck getting me what I want. All I want for Christmas this year is a girlfriend." HAHAHA little did he know. You see, Grant has had it rough in my opinion the last six month. He gets home from his mission, one of the greatest experiences of his life on such a high, comes home ready to conquer his dreams....... and his whole world is turned upside down one second later. His best friend, Taylor, was going through hell and he lost one of his other closest friends when she peaced out. He has been by Taylor's side since August and then with Garrett passing, he couldn't be his normal social dating machine...... so I wanted to help him out and put his best foot forward in 2017. 
Chase and I went to the University Mall and interviewed lots of young ladies. I probably talked with and approached 20 different girls Grant's age. Half were married..... classic. About 5 others had boyfriends. A couple more were too shy for my taste (haha). And then I found my girls...... I told them, "I have my brother for Christmas this year and I wanted to set him up on dates. Would you go out with him?" And I whipped out pics of him and told them about him. I found 3 beautiful ladies that I super loved and I interviewed them further. A full 20 question survey, took their photo, and told them they could expect his call. Chase helped, too!! He needs credit. And controlling 3 children in the mall for 3 hours wasn't easy! 
I then went out and bought $50 worth of gift cards for these dates. 
I didn't know how Grant would take it. Would he be embarrassed? Think it was lame? Be horrified?...... NOPE! He loved it!! And has been contacting and has dates already set up since he's been in Utah and I'm so proud! HAHAHA. #sisterwin

A shadowbox, Julie and I made for my parents. Christmas was more joyful than I thought it was going to be with Garrett not here. I loved being with my family and healing more together.

The Rechners gave Capri and Millie this gingerbread house to assemble. She's one proud girl! I was napping while Grandma and Grandpa did this with her! Win win!

One of many trips to the park! 

We had a trip with five of us to downtown Houston. We had fun exploring and spending time together. The water wall, downtown tunnels, and my first trip to Bucee's was a hit!
We then met up with the fam at Galveston- where my mom booked a three day condo on the beach for all of us! AMAZING!

 Galveston was filled with family, games, beach, mini golf, go karting, pier walks, beach walks, schlitterbahn, pool time, hot tub time, eating out, and eating in!!

We had a great NYE with the Fairwells and then it was time to take Chase to the airport after church on New Year's Day......after I taught Relief Society- I'm actually grateful for my 6 years in Primary and still going strong- teaching adult women was terrifying. I felt the Spirit and everyone said it went well, so I'll take their word for it :) 
Some hugs goodbye.... I don't know why I was hugging everyone- I was coming back after dropping Chase off. 

A couple more days of fun and love! My parents were so generous, loving, and patient with all of us- a house full of that many people and children is not what they're used to anymore. I'm so grateful to have so many places that I can call home. 

My first time at Top Golf blew my mind! SO FUN! Can't wait to go back.

Always playing sports with these brothers, even though they are 500 times better than me! 
Spikeball, Volltensocpong, Tennis, Soccer, Kickball, Ultimate Frisbee, Four Square, Basketball, The list goes on!

And the flight home. Oh how flying with 2 kids alone terrifies me. The first hour home was pure hell. Both kids screaming (LOUD) and uncontrollable. All the skipped naps, late nights, and family time was catching up to them.

And then I was THE MOST GRATEFUL mother on the planet when the last 2 hours they both knocked out until we landed!!! A true miracle bc my kids don't fall asleep on people.... they need to be alone in their beds.... the one downside to sleep training..... are the plan rides. WELL NOT TODAY. I couldn't believe it! WHAT A BLESSING never was more true.
A blessed Christmas indeed and I loved being in Texas with the Schroedters <3 p="">

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