Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hanks Family Party + more

This year my beloved mother-in-law had knee surgery on both knees...... a month apart. She was bushed! She always throws the Hanks family Christmas Party, but we knew she shouldn't this year. So Cody and I decided to host the party. We were going to have it at a church, but Julie couldn't help herself and had to have it at her house. We still did all the planning and set up and hosting and I like to think she did nothing but enjoy her party- but it's not in her nature to give up total control and overworking habits.... sounds like someone I know...... ANYWAYS. we still hosted and it was great. Julie said it was the first time in 25 years she's been able to sit, eat, play the games, and enjoy her family's side Christmas party. So Cody and I will be doing this every year to say the least. It was fun and I've always loved the Hank Christmas party!! 
Thanks Grandma Hanks for being our leader!!

The hosts:

Such fun with great food, saran wrap game, family feud, family questionnaire, white elephant, santa, and so much more!! Love my family <3 p="">

Santa was a big hit. Sawyer didn't think so.

What a magical time of year!

And Chase and I were able to squeeze in a session. With our new place in Lindon, we're in the Mt. Timp boundaries and it's been amazing. The temple was such a great place to spend time with my number one. Such a calming place away from our chaotic life- new place, new job, new callings, new obstacles that we embrace! The temple has been such an emotional place lately bc of the last couple months, but I'm grateful the veil for this life and the afterlife can be so thin at times. So grateful to visit the Lord's house. 

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